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How to Resolve Nintendo Switch Frozen

There is nothing more frustrating than when you’re playing a game, reached the final round, and suddenly everything gets stopped. You find out that it happened due to a frozen Nintendo switch. Now, you must be wondering why the Nintendo switch gets frozen.

Resolve Nintendo Switch Frozen

Nintendo is known for producing high-quality video games, but it doesn’t mean that it is crash proof. It can show issues due to software glitch, a pending update or a low battery. Now, is there any solution to this Nintendo switch frozen problem?

Yes, I’ve outlined some solutions to these frustrating glitches and bugs below in the article.

Why Nintendo switch Frozen

Before digging into the solutions, we need to understand why this happens.

Firstly, there is no need to worry about this problem because it is common among Nintendo users. So, relax. You’re not alone in this world.

There are multiple reasons for causing this issue. It can happen due to a loss of Wi-Fi connection, a low battery, a pending update or a software glitch.

If you’re facing this issue for whatever reason, the first and foremost thing you can do is get back to your game.

So, here we got the reason behind this problem. Now, let us see check out the solutions for this issue.

Solutions to fix Nintendo switch frozen

In this section, we’ll see different ways to fix these frustrating glitches and bugs.

1. Restart your game

If your game gets frozen while playing, the first and foremost thing you can do is restart the game.

You only have to exit the game by pressing the home button and immediately restart it.

Most of the time, it will solve your problem. If you’re still facing the issue, you can press the X button to close the game, and after a moment, press the A button to restart the game again.

Remember that this method will lose any unsaved data. But your problem of Nintendo getting frozen will get resolved.

2. Place the Switch in its dock and remove it

Another solution you can use is changing your switch from handheld mode to TV mode.

You can do this by placing your Nintendo switch on its dock and remove it.

The method will cause a momentary pause that will definitely resolve the frustrating bugs.

If you want this method to work for you, make sure that you’re using an original Nintendo switch.

If you’re using Nintendo Switch lite, you can skip this method and move to another one.

3. Reset the Switch

If you’re still facing the issue after applying the above two methods, you can reset the switch to resolve the problem.

You only have to do is press and hold the power button of the switch for 12 seconds. Remember that resetting the switch will cause you to lose the unsaved data.

So, make sure to save your data before resetting it. After turning the console, press the power again after a few seconds.

Then try using the console to check whether it is working without any interruption or not.

4. Charge the console

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes, a low battery can also cause Nintendo to switch frozen.

So, you have to make sure that your console is fully charged to prevent encountering the issue in future.

5. Contact Nintendo customer support

If none of the above solutions works, you can contact the official Nintendo customer support service.

The Nintendo team is 24/7 available for your help. They will provide you with some solutions to this problem or replace your console.

Wrapping up

However, Nintendo is a great way to produce high-quality video games, but it can still be prone to glitches and bugs. Hopefully, the solutions outlined in the article will help you fix the Nintendo switch frozen issue.

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