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Getting the Best Gaming Experience When Playing Games on Your Phone

The way we play games on mobile phones has changed dramatically over the years. The first game to ever be released for a cell phone was Snake in 1997. Back then, you had to use your finger and tap it on the screen to move around the snake and avoid obstacles blocking its path.

Getting the Best Gaming Experience

Nowadays, all of us have smartphones with high-resolution screens that are made for gaming! With these advancements in technology, there are more options than ever when searching for your next game addiction. If you want to get the best gaming experience possible on your phone, we’ve compiled a list of tips! 

Remove all other apps from the screen: Remove any unnecessary programs like Facebook and Instagram because they can be distracting! If you don’t want to remove them, stop notifications while you are playing to have a smoother playing experience. 

Change screen brightness:

Getting the Best Gaming Experience Change screen brightness

 The sunlight is so harsh sometimes that it becomes difficult to see on your phone! Use this trick by adjusting how bright or dim the screen appears depending on what time of day it is. For example, if it’s during daylight hours, use .75 for maximum viewing pleasure; but if it’s nighttime, try going all the way up to 100%. You can also adjust this while playing games so that there aren’t any distractions from anything else around you, like lights. 

Turn on aeroplane mode: Turn on aeroplane mode before you start playing a game with high graphics to save battery life. But this will work only in case the game doesn’t require an internet connection to play. 

Don’t use your phone while charging:

Don't use your phone while charging

Charging simultaneously as playing on a mobile device is very dangerous, no matter how careful you are! The battery can overheat and cause damage to it that’s not always reversible. Keep away from any excess heat sources during this process because the lithium-ion batteries in charge of powering our phones have been known to catch fire or explode if they get too hot for long periods of time. If you want to have the best gaming experience, then remember to charge your phone when not in use and let it charge to the full extent. 

Close background apps: Do yourself a favour and close all other open apps when starting up one so that there will be less strain on different components within your phone. Moreover, this could lead to faster overheating of parts inside, like an app with higher graphics quality might do more harm than good.

Consider the type of games you play:

Consider the type of games you play

Different types of games require different amounts of computing power, which means that their average battery drain will vary as well. If you’re looking for something easy-going, try out the roulette with this 100 no deposit free spins on registration bonus, or consider playing puzzle or strategy games instead if you’re after is the best gaming experience possible!

Use headphones: One way to save energy while playing is by putting in some headphones (or turning down the volume) and shutting off those extra apps that are running in the background. A headphone not only blocks the sound of your phone ringing but also takes up less battery power. 

Switch power mode easily:

Switch power mode easily

If you have an iPhone and find yourself having trouble with battery drain when playing games for longer periods of time, then consider using the low-power mode, as this will save more energy than just turning up the brightness manually. This way, there won’t be such a strain on different components within your handset, which could lead to faster overheating of parts.

Put your phone into “game” mode: Turning on this option will help conserve battery while also keeping notifications from popping up every few minutes. This is suitable for those who want to play longer without worrying about their device dying out at an inconvenient time. If you need certain features but don’t want them interrupting your gameplay, turn off notifications only for these specific apps. 

Keep your phone in a safe place: Keep it out of reach from small hands that might accidentally drop it and break the screen. This will also make sure you don’t forget about it while playing an intense game, leaving it at home for hours on end!

Make sure your phone has the latest operating system:

Make sure your phone has the latest operating system

It is essential to have a phone that is running the most up to date software. This will make sure all of your phone’s features are functioning properly, allowing for a seamless experience when playing games on it! You don’t want to get those unexpected update popups while you are in the middle of a game!

Install a game booster to reduce lag time: A game booster will help reduce the lag time that you experience when your phone is trying to process a command while it is actually happening on screen. This will give you a smoother and flexible gaming experience! 

Get game tracker apps: There are apps that will help manage your time so you can make sure to get the best gaming experience. Using these types of online tools makes it easy to see how much battery life you have left and how many hours are available for playing before needing a charge. This way, no matter what type of phone you use or which operating system it’s running on, it won’t break in the middle of an intense game! Besides, websites like and many others can help you track free mod versions of games so that you can have a great time with your favourite apps. 

Keep up-to-date on the latest gaming trends: The best way to get the experience that’s right for you is by knowing what new releases are coming out, which ones have high ratings and how much they cost. Game previews allow players to try before they buy! Read reviews of different games from other gamers or experts to learn about the pros and cons of each one so you can make an informed decision as well as figure out if it is something that will suit your needs. 


Gaming on the phone can be tricky. It’s hard to get the best gaming experience with all of those small screens, but these useful tips will help you optimize your mobile gaming time and increase your enjoyment.

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