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What is the Scope of Fashion Design Course in 2021?

Perhaps India has the most diverse fashion in the world. From the scanty skirts of the Indus Valley period to the ornate Sulhankis of the Rajput Age to the exclusive Kanjeevaram and Banarasi silk of the 21st CE, the Indian fashion industry has come a long way. Moreover, India is the only country to have adopted the fashion styles of the rest of the world. No matter the cultural demands or evolving trends, it is the fashion designer who stays on top of them all.

Fashion Design Course in 2021

However, where does a fashion design course stand in 2021? Discussed below is the scope of studying fashion design course in India. 

#1 Fashion Designer

The number-one career choice following the completion of a fashion design course is that of a fashion designer. A career path that requires supreme creativity and artistic genius, fashion designing is also about having a solid understanding of colors, textures, and the quality of fabrics. And given the intense competition of the field, fashion designers must be familiar with technologies like CAD, Photoshop, etc., to perfect their ideas. 

#2 Fashion Illustrator

Just like the name suggests, fashion illustrators are professionals who work as running hands for a fashion designer. Meaning, these professionals draw sketches, whether manual or digital, based on the designer’s ideas and explanation. The fashion illustrator gives life to the mental creations of a fashion designer. 

#3 Fashion Stylist

If you are among those who do not wish to create or design garments, then the role of a fashion stylist is the ideal pick. These wizards of the fashion world coordinate with clients and create looks, garments, and accessories included, as per the client’s tastes and the event at hand. By bringing together all aspects of an individual’s visual aesthetics, a fashion stylist makes them look as appealing and fashionable as possible. 

#4 Fashion Consultant

The fashion industry primarily needs fashion consultants in the product development stage. These professionals are responsible for offering ideas that could improve a particular fashion product. To this end, a fashion consultant must be sensitive to the ever-changing trends of the industry. However, fashion consultants also offer their services by helping clients enhance their public image – they help choose outfits that look the most flattering. 

#5 Fashion Blogger

Maybe you wish to combine your fashion skills to educate others? In that case, there’s no better career option for you than that of a fashion blogger! Not only is it independent work but also highly rewarding. Fashion bloggers write articles on their blogs about different outfit styles, accessories, and fashion sense. Their blog may be niche; for example – boho fashion. Fashion bloggers also use image and video content to make their blogs more attractive and better engage with their followers.

#6 Fashion Marketing Manager

The production of fashion products is not the end goal; the products must reach the end-consumer – something which fashion marketing managers take care of. These professionals are responsible for devising creative ways of marketing products to the public to drive greater sales. From product design to advertising costs, a fashion marketing manager takes care of them all. This career option is ideal for those who also possess marketing knowledge, besides an eye for fashion.

Given the diverse career fields, the fashion industry is a hot spot for many aspirants. To build a successful career in this industry, opt for a fashion design course in India from top institutions such as the Pearl Academy. Based upon a comprehensive learning model, students will be given technology-powered education on the latest fashion trends, people-centric designs, and creative practices.

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