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Track Everything With HoverWatch — A Complete Tracking Solution

Our lives are driven by gadgets. Every application and tool warrant a separate tool, which makes tracking very difficult. In such scenario, an app like HoverWatch comes as a great respite. Currently, it is installed on over 12 million devices with the numbers growing every day.

Some of the common applications that require tracking include: SMS, call history and audio, camera, locations, WhatsApp, Facebook, internet activity, calendar, contacts. And while you may choose to go to these applications separately; being able to do it all from a single application is nothing short of a luxury.

Track Everything With HoverWatch

HoverWatch is one such software cum application that helps you control and track your devices on the go, making switching and changing settings unnecessary. This app simplifies, and gives unified control to its users. With this, you can control and track all the devices that come under your tracking net. The software is trusted by numerous users who have used and have rated this app very favorably.

HoverWatch: A track anything tool


HoverWatch is a different app. It isn’t about the flashy features, but seamless adoption and integration. There are plenty of tracking tools, but what makes this app stand out is how it integrates with other mediums. For instance, with a simple click, you can hide from all the mediums that you use.

The tool helps a user track almost every important application that one can think of: right from WhatsApp to call logs. This is an effective tool for parents who are worried about kids outsmarting their usual tracking apps – by changing sim cards or finding a workaround.

Key Features

  • Remain Invisible: With this app, you can remain invisible. This ensures that your children don’t know that you are tracking their activity. Recently, many such tracking devices had come up which had a very predictable monitoring mechanism. This app ensures complete anonymity, and your kids would never come to know if you are monitoring them.
  • Text Messages and Calls: This app even lets you track calls and messages. Also, you can track the images and view them with your personal account.
  • Facebook & WhatsApp Tracking: Its not limited to messages or being invisible, but with HoverWatch, you can also track and save every exchanged file.
  • Geolocation Feature: This tracking app uses Wi-Fi signals and GPS to track the location of the device you wish to monitor. This instantly tells you about the location of the target device, helping you to determine the location of the device instantly so that you know where your kids are.
  • Front Camera Photo: This comes very handy when a user unlocks the screen, the call, and SMS tracker takes a photo using the front camera. This is very handy in case of theft or anything undesired takes place with your phone.
  • SIM Card Replacement Notification: The capability of this tool is not confined to sim cards. So in essence, when someone changes the sim card, you would get a notification. This means that the users whom you track can’t just get away with mere sim card replacement and that you would be able to track them all the times.

Getting it on your device

At this time, HoverWatch is available on Android, Window, and Mac. It offers a free sign up with minium permissions and modest requirements. Here is how you can get it (Explained Stepwise).


  1. Sign up : Enter your name and Email, and a link would be sent to you.
  2. Prepare devices: Download and install phone tracker app from your online account. Do log onto their website to check the device requirements.
  3. Start Monitoring: That’s all you need! Once you have installed it, you are ready to monitor the data and applications that you wish.


You can visit their website to check out the flexible pricing that they offer. Additionally, there are discounts available for mass subscriptions. The subscription is split into quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly plans.

Our Verdict

There are more than one reason why anyone would want to use it. Right from versatility to flexible pricing, the product has everything that a parent or anyone wanting to track their applications would want.
At the price it is available on, it is nothing short of a steal, and it is expected to get fanfare as the time passes by.

Buoyed by the good product and word of mouth references, the software is witnessing the great surge in sales. Moreover, this is the product that has hit the market when the need of such product is the most.

If you are looking for a good tracking solution, then there is every reason for HoverWatch to flare amongst your top choices. There is just everything in this app that makes it the best choice amongst its users. So we have a very positive outlook on HoverWatch and recommend you to sign up and try it today.

Suumit Shah
Suumit is the serial entrepreneur, a digital marketing expert with more than 8 years of experience in running a successful digital marketing agency by the name of Risemetric. To know more about him, you can follow him on Twitter


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