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5 Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps with GPS Location Tracking

GPS location tracking can be a life-savior event in cases like when a kid goes missing, a spouse is not bothered to keep you informed about his/her location, and an employee goes AWOL. With the help of GPS location tracking, one can find out where the target is going.

This job becomes easier when you have a reliable best cell phone tracking app. With the help of this tool, you can find out everything about every movement made by the target. But, picking up such a reliable tool is not as easy as the market has become overcrowded. This is where we are here to help you. In this article, we are going to talk about the five best cell phone tracker apps that can track the GPS location without any hassle and hurdle. Read the full article to know more about these apps.

App #1 – Spyine

Designed with the world’s most recent and high-end AI, Spyine is a phone monitoring app that can be used to track the live GPS location. The app has gained huge popularity because of its advanced technology and ability to conduct the job of location tracking at zero risks.

Presently, Spyine is available in 190 countries without any additional cost.

Over a million people have already used it for its multiple purposes. Its performance is flawless and has forced many leading media houses such as Top10Reviews and The Forbes to feature it multiple times. Read this guide to track SMS without an app using Spyine.


Risks will no longer haunt you

Risks like reduced phone performance and compromised phone security can give you sleepless nights when you are trying to use a GPS location tracking app that takes the help of rooting/jailbreak for this job.

Spyine doesn’t work like that as its key technology is free from rooting/jailbreak.

Using it is entirely a safe option also because of its ability to work without saving the data on the server. Yes, you read it right. Spyine doesn’t save data on the server and put your crucial data at stake and keep it safe throughout the process.  

Spyine is a cakewalk

Spyine has simplified the process of location tracking up to an extent that any novice can taste success in this job.

All thanks to its user-friendly interface that can work without any download (in the case of iOS) and has a very simplified set-up process (in the case of Android). There are live demos to assist in the job through and through.

Super secrecy is assured

Spyine is well-equipped to keep its operations in complete secrecy. With the help of its stealth mode and remote dashboard, this advanced tool covers your track completely.

Best-of-breed location tracking

Location tracking with Spyine is best-of-breed as each data is captured in real-time and is delivered with a timestamp. The data delivery is also without any third person’s involvement.

Apart from location tracking, it can help you geo-fence the targeted device easily.   

More than location tracking

Spyine offers comprehensive assistance. Besides location tracking, it helps you with real-time monitoring of 35 other kinds of phone activities.

It can keep tabs on calls, SMSs, web-browsing, installed apps, and various other phone activities. It means this is the best combo deal on phone monitoring.  

Easy-on-the-pocket assistance

Spyine is at the top also because of its ability to offer quality data at an affordable cost. All of these facilities and features are available at a mere expense of $10 per month. There is hardly any other location tracker that offers such high-end and affordable assistance.

App #2- Neatspy

Packed with some impressive features and abilities, Neatspy is nothing less than a knight in shining armor for all those who are trying location tracking for the first time and doesn’t want to splurge a lot.

There is no rooting/jailbreak involved in its operations and it can bring into action by following very simple steps.

Millions of people have already shown trust in it because of its ability to keep the involvement of targeted devices at a bare minimum level. This tool is best-of-breed and comes with an easy and friendly user-interface.


App #3 – Spyzie

Spyzie is our third choice and we loved it for its ability to keep rooting/jailbreak at bay while fetching the location details.

  • It captures data in real-time and delivers it without any third-person’s involvement.
  • You can have a sound sleep by using Spyzie as this tool doesn’t save data on the server and expose it later in the world of cyber vulnerabilities.
  • It does an amazing job to keep location tracking a secret affair. Without giving any whiff of your motives, it tracks every location activity.


App #4 – Minspy

Anyone who has ever tried finding the best location tracker on Google must have come across Minspy. This is an amazing location tracker that comes with great compatibility with leading iOS and Android devices. This is everyone’sfavorite tool.

  • Effortlessly, it will be to fetch the GPS and Wi-Fi-based location details and geo-fence the targeted device.
  • It is super flexible and can be easily downloaded/used on any leading platform.


App #5 – Spyic

Spyic is the best help that one can ever ask for when risk-free and pocket-friendly location tracking is concerned. This app is so advanced that it can fetch the details from miles away.

  • At a mere expense of $10 per month, this location tracker is capable of fetching Wi-Fi and GPS based location details. Coordinates of visited places will be shared with you instantly and you will have a clear picture.
  • Using Spyic is a child’s play. Even if you haven’t tried it before, you can taste success in location tracking.


Wrapping up

GPS location tracking is a blessing in disguise when your loved ones are far away from you. With the help of an advanced location tracking app, this job becomes pretty easy and hassle-free. Location trackers like Spyine, Minspy, Spyic, and the rest others that we just discussed with you are worthy of your trust and money as they are best-of-the pack.

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