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The Top Businesses Who Can Benefit From A Call Tracking Software

Are you on edge deciding whether to get call tracking software for your business? Not sure about the benefits it will bring?

You might have spent a lot of money on website building, pay-per-click and SEO campaigns, but if you don’t recognize from where your customers are coming from, all that is a waste. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a large corporation; call tracking software will help you nevertheless. As many as 65% of Forbes companies agree that phone calls are their biggest source of leads – so why are you missing out?

If you’re stil wondering whether call tracking software is worth the headache and whether your business really should get one, Don’t worry cause we are here to help you with the same.

If your business is one of the ones listed below, the answer is yes:

1. Hotels and tourism

Hotels and tourism companies these days provide online booking services. But many people still prefer to call the hotels in advance to secure their reservation. Hotels usually got employees trained to take these calls, as they are important to their business. And that’s why call tracking should be important as well. If they are receiving several calls a day but not tracking any, it is a massive loss as the value of conversions doesn’t optimize

Same applies to the tourism industry as well. Most of the times instead of online bookings, customer call them to know about the booking process and travel packages


2. Law firms

Law is a very competitive field to be in. There are so many law firms out there and you know you need a reliable call tracking service to help you out. Every phone call could be a potential client that could bring a lot of income for your business.

We aren’t kidding when we tell you that  ‘attorney’ and ‘lawyer’ are the most expensive keywords online and their costs are more than $100 per click. And we are talking on Bing here, which is much cheaper than Google.

And this is why you need to justify your spends on SEO and PPC campaigns. And call tracking software will do exactly the same for you. It will let you know which online campaign is bringing the most leads, thus improving your ROI.

3. Real estate

Real estate advertisements are online everywhere. But people are not going to buy something as expensive as property by just clicking on the website. They will call you and then arrange an appointment to visit you and then look at different properties. This is why call tracking software are essential so that you get to know which of your online advertising campaigns are helping to convert the leads.

real estate

4. Automotive

The automotive industry is a booming one. People are buying new cars every day. But this is not just limited to that. What about the problems one experience after buying the car. The engine problems, any dent they got to the car, getting the car cleaned, oil change and much more. And with these car problems, people are going to do research and call the experts.

They’d call to know if you can fix the issue and how quickly you can do it. And that’s why if you are in any automotive field like car dealership, insurance, paint or repair shop, you should start tracking your calls to get the best out of the situation.

5. Dental and Cosmetic surgery

People don’t like visiting dentists until there is an emergency. So there are no family dentists really people generally go to often. So what happens when there occurs an emergency. They are not going to visit your website and go through your services and then fill your online form and wait patiently. There is no time for that. They will look for your number and call you directly to book an appointment.

Call tracking will help you know how did your patients find you and also determine the geographical locations they are coming from.

This holds true for cosmetic surgery clinics as well. They might visit your website to go through your services but they would like to call and speak to someone to discuss their needs and then book a consultation with a specialist for further process. This is also important as people opting for cosmetic surgery want to keep it personal and don’t want to divulge their information online.

 6. Home services

If you are into any home improvement services such as painting, plumbing, carpentry or any installation service, call tracking is important for you. If any person has a bathroom leak, he will call your business and not visit your website and email you waiting for your response.

Are you in a competitive industry and wants your business to grow? Well, why not get a call tracking software that works? Stop the wait and start tracking your calls now – you never know when you’ve lost out on that big client! Check best call tracker in 2019 here.

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John Paul
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