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Top 7 Dating Sims Apps On Both Ios And Android


When Sims first launched in 2000, we couldn’t get enough of the awesome game. It was the first of its kind and everyone loved becoming someone else and building their dream life in the virtual world. Anime dating sims apps are no different and lets you be someone else for a few hours every day. It is not only refreshing but also sharpens your dating skills. In this article, we talk about two reasons why dating sims apps are popular and seven best apps you can download on iOS and Android phones.

Why you should download dating sims apps on your phone?

  1. Sharpens your dating skills

If you can’t find a partner or think you need to furnish your dating skills, downloading dating sims apps might be a good choice for you. These apps take you through unexpected twists and turns that prepare you for dating in real life. It might not make sense right now but once you start playing and making the right moves, you will realize how effective they are.

  1. Takes you on a crazy adventure

All of us want some surprises in our lives but don’t actually want to deal with them. Instead, you can play these games and develop your craziest fantasies without anyone getting hurt, emotionally or physically. You don’t have to worry about people questioning your choices because you are in complete control of your story.

Top 3 dating sims apps on iOS and Android

  1. My Candy Love

In My Candy Love, you take up the role of a female protagonist who joins a new high school. She meets several handsome, young boys at the school including the class president – Nathaniel, Ken, and  Castiel. As you progress in the story, you interact with each of them and also meet new characters simultaneously. The choices you make affects the end of your story. You can replay the game and make different choices to end with a different boy.

My Candy Love

  1. First Love Story

You are in the second year of high school and all ready to meet the love of your life. First Love Story allows you to form heterosexual and homosexual relationships. The developers have carefully designed every scene, so your interest in the story continues throughout the story.

  1. Wizardess Heart

In Wizardess Heart, you are a student of the Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, the most famous institute in the wizarding world. You learn to use new magic tricks and powerful artifacts. You have to go through different levels to become the best wizard in the institute. They game has six seasons, during which you meet 15 handsome wizards that make your academy life full of fun and unexpected twists.

2 best free dating sims on Google Play and App Store

  1. Katawa Shoujo

Katawa Shoujo is a modern-day Japanese story that revolves around Hisao Nakai who joins Yamaku High School for Disabled Children after finding out about his congenital heart defect. He gradually accepts his disability and makes new friends. You can choose between five distinctly different stories, in which you end with different partners.real estate

  1. RE: Alistair

 One of the best otome games ever to be made, RE: Alistair has a female protagonist pitted against handsome men. You take up the role of Merui who loves playing video games but has a short temperament. When she is playing, a guy named Alistair steals a precious, rare item from her. This makes her very angry and she sets on mission to take revenge while balancing school and love life.

2 more amazing dating sims you should download

  1. Passion Puzzle

Passion Puzzle available for Android and iOS. The story starts with you, a tourist visiting a coastal city in Japan. You meet many beautiful girls at the beach but five of them are the most attractive — Mary, Ioly, Mika, Shantal, or Ivy. You have to make each of them fall in love with you by matching their sense of humor and intellect.

passion puzzle

  1. Shoujo City

Shoujo City is set in a virtual city in Japan and you play a male who has to win the love of a girl in just 10 days. You can play a girl as well and then, you have to make your dream boy fall in love with you. You can dress up your character using cosplay costume and accessories. The game is famous for its anime pixel art graphics and interactive storyline.

Which game are you going to download first? Let us know in the comments below.

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