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Audio To Text Converter Online Based On AI

Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology has been rapidly evolving in the past few decades. The first-ever research to be done on the possibility of having a computer perform functions done by human beings was in 1958. Over the past few decades, advancements have been made in all sectors of life regarding the application of AI technology.

Today, many companies use AI to increase productivity and accuracy. Machine controlled processes have been found to be more accurate and precise. According to recent research, more than 60 percent of firms in the US alone use automated customer response systems. Many studies have shown that the use of an automated response system increases customer satisfaction. It is vital to ensure that every customer gets the relevant information when they need it. Auto Response robots are able to solve up to 85% of all questions that can be asked by customers.

  Audio To Text Converter On AI

One important application of AI in the office environment is transcription. For many years, companies had to pay transcribers thousands of dollars per year just to transcribe audio and video content. Automation now makes it possible for you to process audio files faster. If you are not yet using AI in your business to enhance efficiency and productivity, the best area to invest in is the AI for transcription. Here is a break down of the benefits of AU powered transcription for your business.

Benefits for business

There are many benefits that a business enjoys simply by adopting AI transcription technology. Some of the benefits include recording meetings, notes, webinars, lectures, etc.

  • Recording meetings:

It is important to capture every aspect of the meeting in a written format. A good transcription software should help you to get the work done easily.

  • Recording Notes and Webinars:

The most challenging meeting to record are the ones done online. If you have a webinar, simply use your transcription software to get all the content noted down as the meeting continues.

In short, transcription software takes away the need to write minutes during meetings. You will have to hire fewer secretaries and you will be guaranteed that every word said at the meeting is captured. Whether it is an online meeting or a physical meeting, the transcription software will help you get the right information noted down.

  • Record Ideas and To-Dos

For entrepreneurs, probably the most important use of AI transcription software is recording ideas. Ideas come and vanish in a moment. Every business person must have a tool that can help record any information as soon as it is available. AI transcription tools such as Audext can help you capture any information you need within the day. Use this app to prepare your schedule for the day and set a reminder is possible. The app will notify you when it is time to do something so that you stick to your terms.

  • Record a Conference Call Easily and Efficiently

Conference calls recording is always a big problem. You have to be on the call while at the same time you have to note down what is being said. With good transcription software, this is not a problem you have to worry about. You can record the entire audio and convert it to text later. You can also convert the audio to text directly depending on the type of transcription software being used.       

Why Audext is good for transcription?  

Audext is one of the best transcription software out there. Unlike most tools used to transcribe audio to text, Audext is very accurate. This software has an accuracy that out weights human transcription. When looking for a transcription software, target one that offers efficiency and accuracy.   Audext is basically an audio to text converter.Audio to text converter online can convert all types of audio files into text within a short time. If you have a voice call recording, a conversation recording or direct voice recording you can convert the audio into text easily. This tool can also identify the speaker based on tone of voice and structure the text according to the speaker.

What Can Audext Do For You?

If you are looking for a reliable transcription software, Audext is a perfect choice. This software is specifically designed to convert audio files into text. Can not be used to convert text into audio although it can record the text if you read it out loud. This transcriber works with audio that is clear of any noise. Although it does not transcribe video, it is efficient in transcribing and editing the most common office audio files.

Who Can Use Audext?

Interview transcription

If you are a journalist, you must keep a record of all the interviews you conduct. Having a transcription tool that automatically captures the interview will help you save time and energy. You can record press conferences, podcasts or any other social interactions you meet in your line of duty.


Students can use the transcription tool to capture lecture notes, presentations by other students and carry out research in the field.

Voice Memos and Voice Recordings

Many times you will have to create voice memos, and recordings to help you plan your daily schedule. With this app, you can get all the daily memos captured into text after you transfer them from phone to PC.

Medical use

Audext and other transcription apps can also be used in the medical field. For instance, the app can be used to transcribe psychologist conversations for future use. It can also be used to note down patient communications to the doctor.

Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world in many ways. Today, things that were entirely done by human beings are now being done by computers. AI has made it possible for automation of important processes in different industries. If you are a business person with the aim of increasing efficiency and productivity, you must consider automating some process. Some of the easy targets for automation include more custom response systems. You can use an audio response system to reduce the number of employees forming to respond to questions. Further automation helps in capturing details. Using apps such as Audext will help you be able to transcribe any and file to text within a short time. You can also transcribe recorded memos and conferences.

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