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How To Cater Your Resume To Tech Jobs – Land An Interview

Have you been applying for tech jobs for months on end and are frustrated that you’re not getting any results? Don’t worry, because chances are, you’re not alone. It helps to know that you can get more interviews if you knew how potential employers read resumes and how to build your resume to specific jobs.

The first thing you need to understand is that recruiters rarely “read” resumes. More often than not, your resume will be given a brief glance just to see if you have the relevant experience for the job. As a job seeker, you need to learn how to pass this scanning stage as it’s the first step of the process. Here are a few actionable steps to bear in mind the next time you’re job hunting.

Catering Your Resume to Specific Jobs

Create Strong Summary or Skills SectionsResume To Tech Jobs - Land An Interview

You may have plenty of skills to pass a resume scan, but it helps to draw attention to skills relevant to the role. The idea of a summary section is to grab the recruiter’s attention and help them get a better understanding of your capabilities.

If you’re applying to be a software developer, for example, your recruiter should be able to tell this within a few seconds of scanning your resume. Make your role obvious with the headings, skills you list and language you use.

You also want to avoid boring and cliché phrases that will add nothing to differentiate you from other potential candidates. Instead, let the recruiter know who you are and what you’ve done previously.

Resume To Tech Jobs - Land An InterviewSend Out Fewer Applications, But Customize Each One

Most candidates apply for several roles in one company, even if they’re not qualified for most of them. You’ll have better chances of landing a job if you send fewer applications but tailor each one to the specific role.

This may seem like an arduous and time-consuming process, but it will increase your chances of getting called back for an interview.

Use Relevant Keywords

We are in the digital age and technology has changed everything, including recruitment processes. For instance, plenty of companies use applicant tracking software to search for relevant keywords and phrases in resumes.

Examples of keywords might include words or specific computer programs such as ‘java’, ‘e-commerce’, ‘accounts receivable’ or ‘python.’ Find out the most relevant keywords to use and incorporate them into your resume to highlight your skills and experience.

Highlight Relevant Achievements

Before sending out an application, you want to make sure that anyone who looks at your resume understands what you’re really good at. Many people will only list their responsibilities and leave out their achievements. If you want to grab the recruiter’s attention, you must not only list your accomplishments, but also ensure they’re specific and measurable.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, you want to demonstrate to recruiters what value you can add to their organization and what problems you can solve. Show potential employers that you understand what they need and make a few adjustments to your resume before applying by using this guide to learn how to cater your resume to specific jobs. With the tips mentioned, you’ll significantly increase your chances of securing more interviews, and with enough time and effort, more job offers.

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