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How to Pick an Inspection Camera for Your Needs

Inspection cameras are fabulous tools, they can be used to look at spaces that you cannot see and because some of the cameras are so small, they have the capability to be able to look into very tiny spaces. The cameras have numerous applications. In medicine, surgeons can use them to look at structures of the body, which could potentially save invasive surgery for the patient and it allows them to diagnose conditions with much more certainty. Builders, surveyors and other professionals use the cameras to look behind wall spaces, in roof spaces, into pipes and drains and into many other inaccessible places in and around buildings. Engineers will make use of them too, inspecting heavy plant machinery and aircrafts for example, saving the time in having to dismantle component parts to diagnose a fault.The cameras have proved not only time saving to industry but hugely cost saving too. There are cameras which fall into the budget of the keen DIY person which can be used for applications in and around the home. Every camera is different and your application for the camera will determine what you need.

Inspection Camera for Your Needs

The camera is attached to a flexible or rigid tube which then attaches to a minitor at the other end.

When choosing your inspection camera, the following features should be considered

  • Do you need a very small camera or would a larger one be better? The camera’s come with different specifications. You can read more about them on this website.
  • How much light will you need?
  • Do you need to have a flexible or rigid tube attached to the camera and how long would you like that to be?
  • Do you require that the camera be able to tilt?
  • Do you require that the camera is waterproof and are you likely to be using it in and amongst chemicals?
  • How robust do you require the probe to be, are you planning to use it for light applications or heavy applications?
  • What size of monitor will you require and would you like to be able to attach the camera to your tablet or phone?
  • Do you want to be able to record still and video images? This application can be very useful if evidence is required.
  • Do you need to be able to annotate your images either by text or voice?

The cost of your camera will be very much dependent on the features you require and you should take time to consider your use as there is no point in paying for features that you do not require and it would be disappointing to purchase a camera only to realise later that you could have had extra features which could have been helpful.

Whatever you decide, be sure to pick a quality piece of equipment from a reputable seller and if you are not sure of your needs, make contact with the seller to discuss your requirements, a reputable seller will be able to help you with any information that you would require to help with your decision.

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