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10 Pro-Tricks And Tips On Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the popular Microsoft games that can give you a fantastic gaming experience through its wonderfully crafted levels. For the unaware game lover, Stardew Valley is a roleplaying game in which the players inherit their grandfather’s farm, and all the adventures start from there. Undoubtedly, playing Stardew Valley is enjoyable to those players who love to play on their own. For beginners, Stardew Valley can be problematic, and they need to know some pro-tips that would help them win all the adventurous levels.

Tricks And Tips On Stardew Valley

How can the pro-trips and tricks help you in gaming?

If you have just started playing Stardew Valley and want to know this game better, these guidelines and short tricks will help you understand the levels quicker and accomplish all the difficult levels.

With the help of these tricks, you can achieve the below-mentioned things:

  • These tips will help you to understand the game from the basics.
  • We know that Stardew Valley is an adventurous game, so these tricks and tips will be spoiler-free. We will get to see the story only.
  • Knowing all the tips can save time and energy by not playing the same levels repeatedly.

Let’s have a quick look at those tips and tricks:

Learn Quick, Play Slow

Are you in a hurry to finish basic levels? As a beginner, play slow if you are playing with multiple players because it will go for a long. You should enjoy and explore the game while building your farm. So, don’t hurry up as it is not an FPS or MMORPG game.

Make Allies

Friendship is a vital component in this game, so be kind to everyone when they come to you. It would help if you talked to your neighbours and also invite them to your farm. Making friendship will give you advantages in this game.

Hit Location Tip

Players get confused with hit locations. To save your energy, target hit tools as hitting the right square will consume your life.

Food Is All You Need!

Retaining your energy is also a critical factor in Stardew Valley. You can’t walk or run if you are out of fuel. Eating food is necessary.

Sleep Will Boost Your Energy

In Stardew Valley, you will need only 13.5 minutes of real-time as your farm life. So be careful about your sleeping time. To get enough sleep, you should be in bed before midnight. Sleeping will save you from exhausting farming works.

Time Changes According to Season

In Stardew Valley, each season has its unique crops to harvest. If you miss one crop in one season, you have to wait for the next year’s in-game time duration of 19 hours for one season. Though it is not a big deal to stay, it will be hard for the next year to harvest.

Always upgrade your tools

Tools are one of the crucial elements in Stardew Valley. So, it would be best if you keep upgrading your devices according to your need. Upgrading tools will make your farming faster and easier. It will save you time and energy. You can also harvest seasonal crops with the help of your advanced tools.

What are secret notes in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley deals with secret notes, which are the collections of notes that help the gamer during the winter season. Those secrets notes are mostly applicable for walking to the bus stop from your farm. It is seen when winter mystery stardew is added to the gamer’s adventure. Playing with the secret note in winter mystery stardew is fun.

Don’t ignore your TV

In Stardew Valley game, you must watch the TV as it is a medium of education and information. When you are playing a farmer’s role, you must be aware of the weather forecast, which you can only receive by your TV set. So, keep a sharp eye on the TV.

Listen to the mayor

In Stardew Valley, the mayor can be your saviour at times. You have to check the box and keep a good connection with the mayor to get sales.


In brief, Stardew Valley is an exciting game if you can play it correctly. Lastly, you must be patient enough to know other rules which you will learn from the competition.

Follow these ten tips and see the real change in your game.

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