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FIFA 21 Best Formation 442 Custom Tactic, Instructions, Squad Build Recommend

Post-patch FIFA 21 now includes two major patches (Title Updates 3.1 & 4), now and formation 442 have been hyped to be the best Meta one with the new gameplay changes. If you have not tried the 4-2-2 formation, now it’s time to see best custom tactic and instructions of it in this FUT guide, which will help you save FIFA coins on building a squad and winning FUT Champions.

FIFA 21 Best Post Patch 442 Custom Tactics & Instructions

After 2 major updates and Next-Gen release, FIFA 21 received some big changes such improved awareness and ball physics, which have affected your gameplay somehow. What formation are meta and overpowered in FIFA 21 after the patches? Here we go through the best post patch custom tactics & instructions for the most popular 442 lineup, to help you get more wins from FUT Champions. Also, we will recommend the best possible squad build for them.

FIFA 21 4-2-2 Formation Explain

442 is the most meta formation and also narrow quite decent, it could be the best formation for FUT Champs. With the 4-4-2 we will have a mentality similar to that of 3-4-3, only with the security offered by the two defensive means. There will be no front hitch, as in previous formations, but the chemistry between the side, middle in the band and front will be total. We’ll look for a game from the bands, with both bands starring players who know how to treat leather well. The pace will look for you on both ends, which will be offered to the short pass to the center while your partner is already looking for the diagonal.

Does an offensive midfielder serve as defensive? We could plead with you on a team with no alternatives; keep in mind that you will lose 1 point of chemistry. In any case, despite how difficult it can be to cover CAM and CAM positions, pure ends or midfielders can do the job perfectly.

FIFA 21 4-2-2 Squad Build

Here we show you a meta team build with 422 formation, which is perfect suitable the custom tactic and instructions we will recommend in the following post. With 92 Ronaldo in the team, surely you will have to prepare at least 2000k FIFA 21 coins for it.

FIFA 21 4-2-2 Squad Build

FIFA 21 4-2-2 Best Custom Tactics


Defensive Style: Balanced

Width: 4 Bar

Depth: 4 Bar


Offensive Style: Long Ball

Width: 5 Bar

Player In Box: 6 Bar

Corners: 1 Bar

Free Kicks: 1 Bar

FIFA 21 4-2-2 Best Custom Tactics

More Analysis For 422 Custom Tactics

If you use 442 to start the game and prefer having two strikers up front, go ahead and use Defensive Style: Balanced, just be a little bit more neutral not have players bought out a position. But if you are going to use your 442 to be more attacking and get back into the game, you’re chasing the game one of else defensive style such as Press After Possession Loss will be useful whichever one you prefer. 422 formation is very open to being caught out on the counter, so when you run a high line on this formation which you have done you used to run six depth and press on heavy to use it to get back into the game. Having a high depth is obviously very risky, don’t use the quickest of center-backs.

Our offensive style, we go with long ball on the 4-4-2. What we’ve noticed recently on this game, especially on the patch and everything is that if you are slow and patient right, there’s not many ways with the lack of stepovers to beat a man in a one-on-one scenario. So being patient and slow, let’s people get every man behind the ball, and doesn’t actually help you really. On offensive style, we use long ball and getting a through ball down the line and through the middle. We have 5 width, 5 players in box, 1 corners and 1 free kicks, to try and stop the counter attack.

FIFA 21 4-2-2 Best Player Instructions

Striker Instructions

Support Runs – Balanced Width (Default)

Attacking Runs – Get In Behind

Interceptions – Normal Interceptions (Default)

Defensive Support – Stay Forward

Winger Instructions

Defensive Support – Basic Defence Support (Default)

Chance Creation – Balanced Width (Default)

Support Runs – Balanced Support (Default)

Support On Crosses – Balanced Crossing Runs (Default)

Interceptions – Normal Interceptions (Default)

Central Mid. Instructions

Attacking Support – Stay Back While Attacking

Support on Crosses – Balanced Crossing Runs (Default)

Interceptions – Normal Interceptions (Default)

Positioning Freedom – Stick to Position (Default)

Defensive Position – Cover Center

Full Back Instructions

Attacking Runs – Stay Back While Attacking

Interceptions – Normal Interceptions (Default)

Run Type – Mixed Attack (Default)

Center Back Instructions

Attacking Support – Stay Back While Attacking (Default)

Interceptions – Normal Interceptions (Default)

Goalkeeper Instructions

Saving On Crosses – Balanced (Default)

Saving Outside Box – Balanced (Default)

More Analysis For 422 Player Instructions

For goalkeeper, we get Courtois on balance. For right back and left back, we’ve got to stay back while attacking, again you can run balanced on the full backs, with 422, it’s so aggressive. Stay back while attacking cover center on the left CDM and right CDM, you’ll go for in a minute because it is very open at the back. On the counter attack having both these CDM’s here just helps you sit in front of the defense and not get caught on the counter. Left and right Mid is on completely balanced and then the strikers are on safe forward getting behind which is showcasing that we want to use this as a quick throw ball down the line direct play style not holding it or anything. Having one of these on balance where they may help back and come back and obviously help with the counter attack.

So that’s all about the FIFA 21 422 formation, if you want to stock some cheap FUT coins for building up a unbeatable team, go to the reliable FIFA coins & NBA 2K MT store – UTPLAY.COM.

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