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Get To Know Everything About Amazon First Reads

Are you a book nerd? A warm welcome to our blog! You would have probably known certain features on Amazon Kindle. But, you might not be aware of a few. Here is the collection of 8 tricks that will help you make use of this portal to the fullest. Spend a few minutes of your time and read this article completely to get benefited.

Everything About Amazon First Reads


Read on any device:

In the olden days, Kindle was the only device through which one will be able to read an ebook. Amazon Kindle has created a revolution by making it possible for everyone to read ebooks on their own devices. It is now accessible through phones, laptops, computer, and any other device with Amazon Kindle application installed in it. This is not only easily accessible but also very affordable.

Editor’s pick:

You can have an ebook for yourself before it is actually published by Amazon. Isn’t that amazing? This program is known as Amazon first reads. You get access to the upcoming pre-published e-books permanently. To understand this program better, keep reading.

If you are a prime member of Amazon Kindle, you can claim this program for absolutely free of cost. You need not have to spend anything from your pockets, and you’ll be having the e-book for yourself.

If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, you also have free access to this ebook forever. However, you’ll have access even after the ebook is published. But you’ll not be able to have a published ebook with you permanently.

For other Amazon Kindle users without any membership, you also have great deals. With Amazon first reads, you’ll be able to get pre-published e-books for just $1.99. You can also get a hardcopy book for $9.99. It isn’t free, but it definitely saves you a huge amount of money.

Download ebooks for free:

Did you even know that you can download ebooks for free from Amazon? Wondering? Yes, it is possible with prime membership. To claim prime membership, you need to have an Amazon prime account. With the prime subscription, you will be having access to millions of ebooks, magazines, and much more. Most of the ebook readers on Amazon Kindle had chosen this amazingly beneficial program.

There are many other programs out there on Amazon Kindle like Kindle Unlimited subscription and much more. Get your heads in there and explore all their plans and programs to get the best benefit.

 Read articles and documents:

Is this platform only to read ebooks? No, it isn’t. You can read literally anything on Amazon Kindle. You can view your saved documents through this portal. It works like Google Drive to view, edit, and save your documents, articles, and much more.

 Make highlights or add notes:

Every reader might have felt the urge to make note of the lines that touched them as a person. Amazon Kindle gives you this amazing option to highlight those lines or add it to notes. You can also share it with others through your personal Amazon Kindle Document, through the mail.

 Share your books with others:

Did you know that you can borrow books on Amazon Kindle? Here is an example of the process. If you want to share an ebook that you loved to your friend, you can loan the ebook. You cannot access the ebook during this period. After your friend has finished reading the book, you can get it back. You will then have access to the ebook and your friend will not. If you are not able to loan an ebook, it is not eligible for a loan.

 No more eye strain:

All readers will definitely choose paperback books on ebooks. The reason is, reading an ebook gives strain to our eyes. You need not worry about this problem anymore. You can save your eyes from straining by switching to the inverted mode on Amazon Kindle. Try this great feature now, you’ll love e-books more than paperbacks.

 Hear audiobooks:

Imagine reading and listening to the book at the same time. Isn’t it so cool? You can do it with the latest version of Amazon Kindle. You can have both the ebook and audiobook with you. You can hear the audiobook on speakers or Bluetooth through an app called Audible.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out Amazon First Reads now. 

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