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8 Tips to Save Money on Your Business PPC Campaign

A pay-per-click (PPC) online marketing campaign can be used in many ways to achieve a wide range of marketing goals. You can use a PPC program to launch a new product, or you can use it to determine which new geographic markets you should consider targeting.

You should always utilize a professional digital marketing company to help you put together a good PPC marketing program, and you should also have a lot of patience as well. The best paid search results are those that are gathered over time and through the constant evaluation of available data.

Business PPC Campaign

Prepare for a Long-Term Campaign

When choosing your PPC agency, spending more upfront and hiring an expert PPC agency you can rely on will save money in the long run. Hiring a competent PPC agency and understanding that you are establishing a long-term relationship will not only get you better results, but it will also give your agency a chance to become intimately familiar with your company’s marketing needs and goals.

Understand the Risks of Click Fraud

Click fraud is the practice of constantly clicking on a PPC ad to either drive more revenue for the website, or to take revenue from the advertiser. It is one of the PPC tips and tricks that you must be aware of if your marketing is going to be effective. It can result in unusable data, and it can cost advertisers a lot of money. It is estimated that fraud takes 25 percent of all PPC advertising revenue. When you are talking to PPC experts, be sure they tell you how they try to identify and prevent fraud.

Try to Maximize Social Media

A PPC program based on social media is a relatively new concept, but it is rapidly becoming extremely popular. It is estimated that 72 percent of all PPC campaign advertisers are spending more money on social media PPC advertising than text ads or website display ads. When you talk about your PPC campaign with the marketing experts you have chosen, you should make sure that social media is a part of your overall PPC plan.

Never Ignore Google

There are many PPC platforms available and plenty of PPC marketing tips to use, but Google Adwords is by far the most effective. It is estimated that for every one dollar an advertiser spends in Google Adwords, they make two dollars back in revenue. Google Adwords is responsible for 65 percent of all of the clicks associated with prime buying keywords in any industry. This is why it can be interesting to see what options exist outside of Adwords, you should never ignore Adwords as a PPC option.

The More Monitoring Tools, the Better

The world of PPC marketing changes on a regular basis. It can be difficult for even a full-time digital marketing expert to keep with the changing trends in PPC. That is why you should always ask an online marketing firm what types of monitoring tools they use to keep track of PPC changes. Products such as WordStream can be invaluable in making sure that all of your PPC money is being spent wisely and that you are maximizing the return on your investment.

Take the Time to Understand Keyword Bidding

In a PPC campaign, your company needs to bid on the keywords it wants to use to attract traffic. The more common keywords cost the most, but they also generate the most traffic. At the same time, secondary keywords can be extremely powerful in reaching a niche target audience that could help to propel your company past the competition. You should always consider bidding on secondary keywords and work with your digital marketing company to find niches that will generate revenue without costing a lot to bid on.

Focus on Quality Ad Copy

Having the most effective keywords is only half the battle when it comes to getting good results with your PPC program. The copy you write that gets presented to your audience must be concise and effective if it is going to save you money. You need to use writers who can make a point in a brief amount of words, and you must also use as many SEO elements in your copy as possible to increase your ROI.

Constantly Monitor Your Results

The most common way to waste money on a PPC program is to put the program in place and then monitor the data without making adjustments. The data you get will tell you how your program is performing, and you can use that data to make changes to your campaign that will bring in even better results. An economical campaign is one that is constantly changing to reflect the information being gathered from consumers.

There are many elements to a PPC program that can affect the return on your investment. Even when you put your PPC marketing into the hands of a professional Internet marketing firm, you will still want to know what you need to do as an advertiser to maximize your results and constantly improve the return on your investment.

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