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10 Must-Have Travel Gadgets For Digital Nomads

So you’ve decided to live as a digital nomad? You’ve done some research and realised they swear by minimalism. We live tech-heavy lifestyles nowadays, giving up all of your tech may seem impossible. So what gadgets do you need to live a digital nomad lifestyle?

Here are some essentials for every digital nomad prepared by the volunteer-sending organisation Original Volunteers (

10 Must-Have Travel Gadgets For Digital Nomads

  1. Best Laptop

The term ‘best laptop’ is very subjective and there isn’t one list which tells you the best laptop of all time because they’re very similar and built for different needs.

The MacBook AIR seems to be a favourite with many nomads, although some prefer the Asus Chromebook. The most important thing is to make sure your laptop is lightweight as it is likely it will come everywhere with you and always go for durability over style. Repair shops around the world can vary in cost, some can be extremely expensive or cheap and poor quality, you don’t want a laptop which continually needs attention.

  1. Wireless Router

TEP Portable WiFi Hotspot

TEP is a portable WiFi hotspot, to keep your phone, laptop and tablets connected to the internet. It works in over 100 countries and gives travellers unlimited internet, so you’re able to post content wherever you are!

The device also comes with the safety feature kitestring, this checks in on solo travellers by sending them texts, if they don’t reply a personalised message is sent to emergency contacts. Additional features also include WiFi on planes and calls and texts abroad.

  1. Satellite smart phone

Magiic Xplore X7

A phone which is truly designed for global travellers all around the world. Xplore X7  ensures the phone’s user is reachable even in the most remote locations. It connects with over 60 satellites which provides almost 100% global coverage. This phone is waterproof and shock proof and offers 8 days of battery life. It also has a built in SOS button which when pressed shares your location with your emergency contacts. Well needed for any nomads getting off the beaten track.

  1. Travellers Backpack

Hoverglide floating backpack

These bags have revolutionised the way we carry heavy loads, reducing impact forces by up to 86%, decreasing any risk for injury and have been field tested by the military to be rugged and durable. They are available in four different styles so there is something to suit everyone. The Trekker, a 55L bag. The Tactical and The Hiker, both 30L bags and The Commuter, a 28L bag.

  1. Wind-Up Charging and Solar Panel Charging

Travel phone hone charger Dynamo cell hand USB.

This is perfect for digital nomads who like to spend a couple of days out and about, away from plugs. It is lightweight and compact in size, you can pop it in your pocket. If your phone or laptop dies, simply whip it out, plug it in and begin winding to charge it back up instantly. Your arms may ache though if you need to continuously charge multiple devices.

Voltaic Amp Solar Charger.

This solar panel charger turns sunlight into energy and stores it on a portable battery pack. It is also waterproof, so there is no need to worry if you have left it and the heavens open, it will still work. It is also urethane coated for extra protection. The downside is that charging is not instant, the charger needs to be left in the sun in advance.

  1. All in one travel jacket

Baubax 2.0

With 25 features and twelve utility pockets, it comes in four styles. Sleeping in the Baubax 2.0 whilst travelling has never been easier, there is a neck pillow which inflates in two seconds, an eye mask attached to the hood, an inflatable pocket footrest, noise reducing earplugs and a pocket blanket. It also offers built-in gloves so you don’t get cold. The pockets are also perfectly designed for you to be able to carry everything you need as a digital nomad, including your tablet without a bag.

  1. Portable LED Action Light

Lume Cube

The lume cube emits a powerful 1,500 lumens of daylight compared to a household light’s mere 200-500 lumens. There is a handy app to download which makes controlling the cube easier. It is also waterproof up to 100 feet so can also be used to capture better underwater photos.

  1. Noise cancelling headphones

Sony WH-1000XM2

Techradars number one rated noise cancelling headphones, higher than any Bose headphones. Eliminating more noise and providing crystal clear sounding audio. Essential for getting work done when you’re on a plane with screaming babies and in noisy hostel rooms, you can simply mute everyone else with these headphones. You also don’t need to worry about more wires tangling in bags, as these are wireless.

  1. Portable Language Translator

Langogo AI pocket translator

Eliminate language barriers wherever you go! As a nomad traveller you can’t be expected to learn every language in the world that you are likely to visit. Speak into the microphone in your own language and the translator will repeat in the local language. It translates in 1 second so you can understand the locals and communicate with them without any hassle. Available on IndieGoGo

  1. Versatile shoes

Tropicfeel – The Ultimate Travel Shoe

The perfect shoe for a digital nomad. This trainer has 4 – in – 1 versatility, you can swim in them, run in them, hike in them or just wear them around town. You can wear them all day whatever you end up getting up to. Their Agion treatment lasts for the whole shoes life and prevents them from smelling like normal shoes. You can wear them from the sea straight to dinner.

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