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Read This Before You Sell Your House

Put simply, as a homeowner, it is important to have plans in place that can minimize the expense and downtime resulting from any breakages in your home. When the appliances and systems in a home do not work, this can have a huge impact on the value of an offer that a potential buyer might provide. Consequently, investing in a home warranty plan is a fantastic way to provide reassurance for buyers and sellers alike.

Above all, if you are thinking about investing in a home warranty plan for your home, then researching a few home warranty companies operating in your area can help you to compare your options. Ultimately, locally based home warranty companies will have a good understanding of the types of properties in your area, and this will ensure that you get the best possible warranty plan for your needs. For example, if you live in Texas, you can look at some of the different home warranty plans on the First American Home Warranty website.

Considering such factors will deliver great value while reducing extra hassle on the buyer’s end.  Houses aren’t everyday assets that can be sold just like any other goods, and knowing what to ensure beforehand will provide deeper insights into what’s in store for you. If you’re still not in touch with what has to say about selling a house, continue reading to learn the top six things to consider before selling your house/property.

Read This Before You Sell Your House

Hiring the right realtor-

When you’re looking to sell, a real estate agent would be the first person to speak.

This is just the first step since a realtor will be the one leading the show following your contact. You have to keep in mind that they have different qualifications level, thus charging different fees.

  • Before hiring the right person, it is advised to conduct an interview with the realtor in person for assessment.

Hiring a home inspector-

The most crucial task would be double-checking for possible damages inside as well as outside your property; therefore, a home inspection/visit is mandatory.

  • The area surrounding your house must be inspected for a possible landslide that could damage your belongings.

Having a full report from an inspector may be useful for determining the right value of your property once certain issues are dealt with.

An inspector takes a closer examination at your property – the roof, chimneys septic, and water tanks for coming up with the right price, so you get to save more time.

Knowing the right time to sell-

It is often that house prices in certain regions fluctuate over time, which is also why you must consult with a realtor regarding the best time to sell a property.

  • Some houses are valued higher during winter while others may have their peaks in summer and/or spring, find out from your local inspection service today.

You may want to wait for the right time instead of selling off your property right away and forego profits.

Preparing the documents and paperwork-

  • Your realtor will advise you on what extra paperwork to be signed as well as readily available in your hands.

Buyers are likely to ask for documentation and warranty certificates of the property before investing money.

This will further assist by finding if any paperwork needs to be updated, so you don’t look dazed and confused if a buyer reports a problem.

Preparing the house for sale and presentation-

Whenever a potential buyer pays you a visit to find the exterior and/or interior in bad shape, it may deter his intentions entirely regardless of the benefits on your property.

It is preferable to have your real estate agent address such issues before any buyer steps foot into the premises.

  • There could be multiple low priced maintenance tasks you could perform, like repainting the property or repairing any damaged walls including furniture to make a good impression.

Home warranty or not?

When selling your house you may offer the buyer home warranty services, thus improving the overall appeal of your property.

Sometimes, buyers themselves ask for the home warranty support, and if you’re not prepared for that moment beforehand, things may turn complicated.

  • Home warranties can be troublesome but it is for you to choose whether or not you should go ahead with this, and once again your agent can advise you better on this.


To sum it all up, there are quite a few things to consider before you sell a house since it is a long-term asset.

There are things about a house that will depreciate in value, however, the price of the land where your house has been erected will always appreciate. The best approach is to follow the steps mentioned above so you get to sell the house at a profitable price.

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