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How To Succeed In Your ACCA Exams

With a number of people thinking that ACCA exams are tough to crack, it has been proven that it really is just a matter of method rather than pure intelligence. Today we will tell you about some ways to study for ACCA exams. Let’s begin…

How To Succeed In Your ACCA Exams


The first thing you need to do before working on any task is planning. You must plan each and every move. Starting your study without any planning might come with a great cost. Hence, you need to plan your schedule accordingly. Once you do that, then you are all set to start your study.

In addition to this, if you are a book worm, do not rely on guzzling things up to remember them. This will not help you. You need to understand the concept. This will save you a lot of time as well as acting as an enduring solution.

When it comes to planning, the main objective is to set a time for everything the list. You need to follow the time table strictly and set short term goals for yourself. This means that all your study must be done in time and nothing should be left for the last moment. Keeping things till the last minute will lead to nothing but regret.


When it comes to succeeding ACCA exams, it will not be a smart move to just depend on the material that you have available. Some students get overconfident about this and fall behind. This is a mistake that you need to avoid. Being ready for out-of-syllabus questions is one of the factors that will help you succeed in the ACCA exams. For this, you can refer to several reference books and questions from previous exams. You can get an insight into the types of out-of-syllabus questions that you might encounter during the actual exam.

Me Time

Most students know how important ACCA exams and tend to forget that they also need some time for themselves. Even though getting ready for the exams is important, so is looking after yourself. Students who don’t allow themselves to take a break risk getting stressed and having a break down. A little break from studying is good for your mental health and will also boost your concentration.


While maintaining mental health is essential for succeeding ACCA exams, so is physical health. Hence, you should also exercise a bit. Going to the gym in the morning or for small jog in the evening will be enough for you to maintain your physical health.

In The End….

Having said this, studying is not the only way to succeed in ACCA exams. You need to schedule your errands for this as well as maintaining your health. Once you have learned how to do this, mark my words friend, you will definitely succeed in your ACCA exams with flying colors.

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