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Ideas To Decrease Energy Bills Of Your Business

Do you want to decrease the energy consumption of your business? With small changes in your office, you can do it quickly. Sometimes, you have to make some changes in the behavior of employees. Moreover, compare your electricity and gas plans with iSelect. It may help you to find a cheap plan for your business. Here are some ideas to decrease energy bills of your business.

Ideas To Decrease Energy Bills Of Your Business

Energy Audit

With the help of an energy audit, you can determine the baseline use of energy. An audit will help you to outline the methods to save energy at the office. Some utility companies offer free inspections so that you can take their advantage. A professional will visit your business and inspect your location for insulation issues, air leaks, and lighting. He may suggest ways to save money on energy bills.

Business owners can save money on their energy bills by performing regular preventive maintenance on their electrical systems. This includes checking circuits to make sure they are not overloaded, replacing worn or frayed cords, and ensuring that all devices are plugged in properly. It also involves checking fuses, circuit breakers, and other safety devices to make sure they’re in working order. It’s best to have a professional commercial electrician do an inspection to make sure your system is safe and running efficiently.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

For your office, you have to buy energy-efficient equipment. Before leasing or buying office electronics, you have to check if these electronics are ENERGY STAR-rated. These appliances are evaluated to be energy efficient. With their use, you can save money and manage the energy cost of your business. For ideas on how to decrease energy bill of your home click here.

Turn Off Not in Use Equipment and Lights

Standby printers, monitors, and computers can consume energy by sitting idle. To save energy, you should switch to sleep mode or completely turn off. Instruct a person to visit your office before closing it and turn off all idle equipment and lights. Check the coffeemakers, microwaves, TVs, radios of the breakroom. These energy vampires can increase your electricity bills, so turn them off. Ask your staff members to unplug these appliances after their use.

Use Natural Sunlight

Open the blinds of your workspace to get the advantage of daylight. During daylight, there is no need to switch on fluorescent lights. Try to use the sources of natural light to decrease the need for lighting during the daytime. Carefully inspect your office and see if an area is overly lit. Remove excessive lights that are not necessary.

Use LED (Light-emitting Diode) Bulb or CFL (compact fluorescent light)

With LED and CFL, you can decrease your electricity consumption. Replace a 60-watt bulb with an energy-efficient 18-watt bulb. Energy-efficient bulbs will not only decrease your electricity bills, but they can live longer than traditional bulbs.

Use Automatic Dimmers and Motion Detectors

To smartly increase your savings, you must use automatic dimmers and motion detectors. These can adjust electricity as per your needs. Make sure to install these devices in meeting spaces, hallways, and other places. The automatic dimmers can measure the need for light to make adjustments accordingly.

Programmable Thermostats

With programmable thermostats, you can adjust the temperature of your office. You can set time to switch on and turn off your AC via a smart thermostat. In warmer months, set your thermostat to almost 78 degrees to decrease the use of energy. For cold weather, 68 degrees can be a suitable value.

Weather-Stripping, Film, and Screens

A gentle breeze can make the atmosphere of your conference room pleasant. For this reason, install windows in your conference room. Replace or install weather-stripping, foam, or caulk around your doors and windows to save energy. Solar screen, awnings, windows films, and shades are some excellent options to treat your windows.

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