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Who did not want to play games and win the prizes? Did not option of spending the time in front of your favorite game and earning points which you can exchange for money or free skins cs go, sounds like a dream? Now it is possible, all you need to do is to start using! Then you just have to play games and earn rewards! Check, what you should know before you will start your adventure on this portal!

  • is an innovative platform for gamers, who want to earn prizes just for gaming.
  • It is very simple, all you need to do is playing games, making quests and earning points, which later can be exchanged for rewards.
  • Everything is safe and legal, so you do not have to be afraid of any hacker attacks or legal problems.
  • You can pick your prize from numerous options. It includes game keys, cs go keys or even pre-paid Visa cards!
  • All you have to do is to register and start to use to claim prizes!

Earn Prizes For Playing Games

What is is an innovative platform for gamers. It demands from you just playing games, and it is giving you the opportunity to earn points, called here soul gems, which can be exchanged for rewards. You can wonder, can you play every game to get those gems, well unfortunately not, but the list of games is huge, and includes such productions like World of Tanks, Second Life, Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warships and much more, so you can be sure, that you will find something you like. Of course, you have quests to complete which will allow you to earn more soul gems.

Is it legal and safe to use?

You might start to think, is it legal and safe to use. The simple answer is yes, everything is just fine. First of all, you should know that is based in Poland, which makes that all your data are under the protection and law of the European Union. They are experienced so you can be sure, that you are not an easy target for hackers. Also, it is all legal, so you do not have to be concerned that you are doing something dodgy or illegal!

What prizes I can receive?

The amount of prizes is making an impression! It is much more than just simple items in the game (they are present as well), but a bunch of profits. You can start picking free keys of free skins to cs go, but this is just beginning! You can pick up a keys for game, and this might be a key to small, indie games and a AAA productions as well, one of the examples is Grand Theft Auto V! If you will earn proper amount of soul gems you can receive a gift card to Amazon or Steam, but this is not all! You can exchange your crystals for real money in the form of a pre-paid VISA card! Isn’t it amazing? Of course, the more valuable the prize, the more crystal it costs, but you are playing your favorite games anyway, aren’t you?

Giveaways, free keys for you!

If it is not enough for you, you should know, that is making giveaways! With a very low amount of effort, you can grab a box with a prize. Right now, you can pick a Batman Arkham collection, Playerunknow’s battlegrounds or Greedfall. You should also remember, that you should use their mobile app to receive extra bonuses or some giveaways! The mobile app is available on android and iOS.

Isn’t a Gamehag sound like a revolution for you? Indeed it is a kind of revolution. Now earning prizes or even money on gaming is not reserved just for professional e-sport players, so take your chance and earn keys or even money just for playing games. You can not waste this opportunity gamer, so why you are still waiting? Come and Play games and earn rewards with Gamehag like  free skins cs go.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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