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Get Kids Excited to Learn With a Newverest Scratch World Map

Kids love learning, but only if it’s something they can get excited about. Newverest.com makes it easy for kids to get excited about traveling. Spark their imagination and inspire them to adventure. Every Newverest scratch off world map poster comes with a richly colored outer layer of gold or silver that is sure to grab your child’s attention. Hidden beneath that outer layer on your world scratch off map is an even more vividly colored layer that can help your children track where you go on family vacations and plan out where they’d like to go in the future.

Newverest Scratch World Map

With your Newverest world scratch off map hanging on the wall, your kids will begin to learn about all the different continents and countries around the world. Newverest.com makes two types of scratch world map, the original and kid’s edition. The original is great for older kids, such as those in middle school and high school, while the kid’s edition is great for younger kids, such as toddlers and grade school kids. Every kid’s edition of your world scratch off map comes with 50 adorable animal cards that teach your kids about the animals living in different countries around the world.

Use the animal cards to teach your kids something new and exciting about the world around them, then quiz them on what they’ve learned. How much do they remember? You can keep track of the animals they’ve memorized by marking it on your Newverest.com scratch world map. Either scratch off the outer layer, use pushpins, or come up with an entirely new way to track what your kids have learned. Reward them for memorizing all 50 cards, then start a new game.

Every scratch off world map poster clearly outlines the countries and their capitals. How many of these can your kids memorize? How many can they actually spell? When you’re done quizzing your kids, let them turn the tables and start quizzing you. It will be fun for them and a learning experience you can both share together. Your Newverest.com world scratch off map is a fun way to interact with your kids and get them excited about the world outside of their own home.

Your older kids will have fun thinking up adventures based on their Newverest scratch world map. Where do they want to go when they graduate? Do they want to attend college in another city? Country? See what sorts of interests your kids have and plan your next family vacation accordingly. With so many countries to choose from, there is bound to be something you can all agree on.

Your Newverest.com scratch off world map poster makes it easy to highlight routes you’d like to take, and plan what sights you’ll stop and see along the way. Use the bucket list already included with your Newverest.com world scratch off map, or make up one of your own. You and your kids will all love and learn something from your Newverest scratch world map.

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