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TOP 3 Android Adventure Games

The era of mobile gaming is on. Hundreds of new franchises and exclusives ported from PC are available to fit in your pocket. But how to get through this massive abundance in a short way? In this article, gathered the most exciting adventure games for you. Play on!

TOP 3 Android Adventure Games

3. Florence

The game has a realistic story about young Florence Yeo, who feels stuck in a routine. The girl soon falls in love with cello player Krish, who brings sound and color into her life.

The plot chain consists of mini-games, which are depicted with simple and sweet webcomic-style by the award-winning designer of “Monument Valley”. The gameplay is very intuitive. It just helps to feel yourself a part of the tale. To be fair, “Florence” is not really a game, but an interactive visual novel. It may be considered as unique, a piece of art in a way. Developers made it reliable for almost any smartphone – no need for a powerful gadget.

We may not guarantee that you’d like to go through the game twice, but the first impression must be great. It’s difficult to find something bad in “Florence”. It’s an alternative approach to gaming, that is managed to find it’s huge audience. Give it a try!

2. Oxenfree

This game is multiconsole and has a 93% rating on Steam for a good reason! It’s an awesome point-and-click story in the 80’s setting with supernatural twists. “Stranger Things” fans would be happy about it.

The main feature is a flexible narrative. A player can change the story by choosing different moves. This makes it highly interesting for replaying and gives a deep feeling of locations. Dialogs, locations and plot in general – all these are authentic and thoughtfully written. Characters are really entertaining and contribute to the story individually.

The controls on a smartphone version feel much better than on PC. Performance is also great, but creators were forced to lower the quality of graphics to reach the result, which is certainly a disadvantage for big screen devices, but good for smaller ones because of the compatibility.

However, this release is an indie must-play adventure without analogs on Android.

1. Broken Age

Tim Schafer – the creator – is a recognized genius in the realm of video games. His heartwarming adventure brings the best feelings from childhood from the bottom of player’s mind.

The story tells us about two youngsters from different worlds, whose paths will eventually meet after a sequence of quests. Actually, characters swap their places, which is really fun.

The game is designed to be a living creature – almost every object literary has its own face, voice, nature, and function.

The gameplay is sometimes annoying. Many missions are not as simple as you want them to be, which hampers you from moving on and watching the thrilling fairy tale.

The application is optimized to run well on all devices produced from 2014. It doesn’t implicate any difficult controls – just one finger needed.

The whole game consists of two chapters and they are sold separately, which is kinda disappointing and looks too commercial. Anyway, such a unique and exciting blockbuster is worth multiple replaying.


It’s really difficult to make a breathtaking adventure game. That’s why such games as Florence, Oxenfree and Broken Age became historical franchises and would stay an example for other developers to follow for decades.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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