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Top 12 After Effects Packs That Filmora Users Need to Know

Wondershare has lofty goals for Filmora, promoting it as “the easiest-to-use home-video editing software.” Through a powerful and effective graphical interface, it is primarily aimed at beginners, but it has a wealth of Hollywood-style effects to make your vacation videos personal or unforgettable, as well as your YouTube and social publications. Wondershare Filmora includes over 140 filters and over-effects (film, light, blur, or even colours such as explosions or meteorites in free fall) as well as a music library composed by Wondershare.

We enjoy a relaxed way of life that is full of adventure and fun. Aside from that, the most intriguing task for all of us is to share our daily routines on social media. When we throw a party with our friends, we post all of the best moments online in the form of photos and videos. When we accomplish something in life, the memorable moments are once again shared on social media. Making interesting and visually appealing videos is a way of life for us. And the truth is that these videos aren’t just for entertainment; they have a variety of other uses as well. Interactive videos can improve the effectiveness of educational tutorials and customized videos can improve the value of business presentations. Videos are also useful in the entertainment industry, education, business, tourism, and many other fields.

The preset effects in Filmora are superior to those in any other beginner editing platform. Filmora’s offerings are ideal for a new editor looking to improve their footage, with customizable video and audio effects and animation presets. Filmora has a plethora of animated art preset effects that can significantly improve your videos. The elements tab of the interface contains over 245 preset effects.

The number of third-party preset effects that can be downloaded and imported into Filmora is what stands out the most. This allows for a much more customizable and collaborative editing experience. Third-party presets from sites like Videohive, Filmstock, and Elemental are what elevate Filmora’s preset effects to the next level.

This article will go over the top 12 After Effects Packs that Filmora users should be aware of.

  1. Education Tutorial Pack:

Education Tutorial Pack

If you work in education and need some impactful tools to add more value to your tutorials, the Education Tutorial Pack on Filmora can help. It includes all of the most recent after-effects tools, allowing you to showcase details more effectively in educational tutorials. With such cutting-edge presentation tools, you will find it much easier to target the interests of your audience.

  1. Birthday Pack

Birthday Pack

This birthday party pack includes balloons, cakes, candles, and fireworks elements, as well as animated transitions & overlays, openers, subtitles, and lower thirds title templates for creating a fun birthday video for loved ones.

  1. Animated Emoji Pack

Animated Emoji Pack

This pack contains 24 animated emojis [FREE to use in Filmora]! It’s an excellent way to express yourself.

  1. School Pack

School Pack

Doodle-style emojis are used to create fun school-themed effects. It is ideal for both teachers and students.

  1. Travel Adventures Pack

Travel Adventures Pack

If you love travel and adventure and need some impactful tools to add more value to your travel videos, the Travel Adventures Pack on Filmora can help. Four walls can’t hold you. Make videos of your wildest adventures.

  1. Superheroes Cinematic Pack

Superheroes Cinematic Pack

This is an exciting pack with 40 elements. You can use them to transform into a superhero. After effects that will assist you in creating your own superhero.

  1. Electronics Pack:

Electronics Pack

If you want to create technology-based videos, the Electronics Pack is the best option. An epic collection of technologically inspired effects.

  1. Cinematic Pack :

Cinematic Pack

Those who want to make their videos look like big-screen movies will benefit from the cinematic effects pack. It can enhance the contrast, appearance, and colour shades of videos to achieve a cinematic look that will easily capture the attention of viewers. These after-screen effects are classified into several categories and can provide a wide range of video adjustment options.

  1. Creative Title Pack:

Creative Title Pack

These will add a lot of flavour to your YouTube videos, vlogs, presentations, and even slide shows.

  1. BlockBuster Blast Pack

BlockBuster Blast Pack

Dust, smoke, and debris bursts Who will be left standing when the smoke clears? It’s entirely up to you with this pack! Those who are crazy about blockbuster movies will undoubtedly enjoy assembling a mind-blowing blockbuster collection at home.

  1. Doodle Pack:

Doodle Pack

This pack includes arrows, lightbulbs, speech bubbles, hearts, and other cute effects that appear to be drawn on paper.

  1. Corporate Titles Pack

Corporate Titles Pack

Titles that are clean and professional, making them ideal for all types of presentations and business videos.


Users of Filmora are a little different. If you want a video that is a little more unique and stylized, you should consider editing it with Filmora. Filmore will require a little more effort, but it will assist you in achieving your desired style with customizable presets and effect controls.

We hope you found this post useful. If you have any questions or comments about the preceding article, please leave them in the section below. We will gladly assist you.

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