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How to Make Use of SMS Texting Service in the Hospitality and Entertainment Industry

To succeed in business, you have to pay close attention to customer experience to ensure that they are always happy. In this regard, communication plays a vital role as it creates better customer engagement and establishes a relationship that leads to building trust and brand loyalty. SMS marketing that solely relies on proper communication is highly effective in providing better customer experience and engagement, but you should know how to leverage the benefits to reap the rewards.   With the popularity of mobile devices spreading fast and people becoming addicted to mobile phones, there was no better time for business texting service to stake its claim as a top-notch marketing tool.  SMS marketing is useful for all types of businesses across industry segments, and the service sector too can make good use of it.

SMS Texting Service

 The entertainment industry and the hospitality business which are the major constituents of the service industry would find SMS marketing particularly helpful.  People remain glued to their mobile phones, ready to devour information, news, and gossips about celebrities and upcoming events.  The major areas of interest are promotions and events as well as insights into the lives of celebrities that have always attracted people. In this article, we will discuss how the entertainment and hospitality industries can use the texting service for business gains.

Maintaining balance in communication is important

Consumers have an unending appetite for information, and the entertainment industry is always ready to bombard consumers with information that could sometimes turn overwhelming. Knowing how to serve adequate information without causing any annoyance to consumers is extremely important.  Trying to do too much when communicating with consumers whether through texting or other means could prove detrimental just as getting too close to some person causes uneasiness and discomfort. Consumer discomfort and annoyance could make them resent your messages that you must learn to avoid at all costs. How the entertainment and hospitality business canleverage SMS marketing judiciously to win over consumers and make business gains would become apparent on reading this article.

Building an efficient customer support system

SMS messaging is simple, affordable and convenient with assured read rate which makes it very popular across all types of industries.  The hospitality industry can avail all the benefits associated with the texting service like creating better customer engagement, winning their trust and at the end increase profits by reducing cost. The fortune of hospitality business like hotels and restaurants depends on the number of booking and footfalls that it attracts. People would prefer to make reservations of seats and rooms for which there must be a robust customer support service comprising of SMS messaging. The beauty of the messaging service is that it helps to interact with customers directly, leaving no room for information gap or distortion. The messaging service also comes in handy to accommodate customers by making changes in programs and schedules as desired by them. This would ensure that they receive top quality service.

Increased revenue earning

Besides facilitating reservation, the messaging service is useful to follow customers closely and remain in touch with them so that the reservations mature.  Canceled reservations affect business negatively, but by using the messaging service, the staff of the hospitality industry can pursue bookings and reservations closely to ensure that that are no or fewer cancellations. They can send reminders and welcome messages to customers in advance that are quite inviting and creates a feeling of well-being that encourages guests to turn up on time and not cancel bookings.  Guests too, enjoy more convenience and comfort as the staff is closely in touch with them and looks after them well. By showing their eagerness to play good hosts, it becomes easy for hospitality businesses to earn the trust of customers that increase footfalls and ultimately brings in revenue. Managing reservations and making changes to schedules becomes easy by using SMS messaging.

Customers turn loyal

As much important it is to widen the customer base, it is equally important to nurture existing customers, keep them in good humor and retain them. The strength of the existing customer base is an indicator of the strength of the business, and it is possible to multiply the visits by ensuring that customers keep coming back. The messaging service plays a vital role in earning the trust of customers by showing how much you care for them that ultimately turns them loyal to your business. Loyal customers become so much closely connected to your business that would prefer coming back again and again thereby demonstrating their faith in your brand and business.

SMS messaging creates a close connection with customers and helps to build rapport with them besides allowing them to avail the best services and provide feedback. The two-way communication creates involvement that contributes in turning customers loyal as they realize the care and attention they receive.

Drive more traffic to websites

The entertainment industry is no different from other industries in that the business success depends on its ability to drive more people towards it. The more traffic reaches the website and the social media account of the entertainment business; more would the possibility of earning revenue.  An easy way to drive traffic to the site and or social media account is to include a link in the SMS messages that you send to your customers so that they become eager to visit it. As you have already won their trust, they should be eager to know what good awaits them on our website.

Gather feedback

 How customers feel about you is important, and you must create channels to listen to their feedback. The SMS messaging service that you set up can become an essential channel for customer feedback. You would know from the horse’s mouth how your business is doing and what improvements you can do to provide better customer experience.  By knowing the minds of customers, it becomes easy to create suitable strategies to fulfill their expectations.

Integrating the SMS messaging service with other marketing tools would help to penetrate into the hearts of customers and make them perform positively for business gains.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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