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Vanity Number: Effective Marketing Tools for Startups

Starting a business is not an easy task. There is a lot of requirement and things that are needed to mark an impression in the market, to make sure that you get immediate brand attention. However, as a new brand, it is sometimes difficult to understand and know what kind of services can help create those extra sales and help in making your company the first choice for consumers in a specific category.

The first thing that a startup goes for is marketing strategies to make sure that the name of their brand is easily recognizable in the market and in the mind of the consumers. One such thing that can make a major impact on marketing strategies is a Vanity number. Vanity number as a term is something not many people are aware of. For those who are not aware, a vanity number is a set of memorable digit or a combination of digits and character that are used as a phone number for a company. Examples of such vanity numbers are (XYZ) 123-7777, 123 – HELP, etc.

How does Vanity Number help a Brand

Vanity numbers are very helpful while advertising your brand and letting people know how to communicate with you. For example, if you see two advertisements hoarding for two companies with the same services or products, where the number for the first company is 1800-298-4563, and for the second company is 1800-777-8888 or 1800-SERVICES. It is clearly visible that the second company will receive more calls and will also get more attention from the customers. Not only attention but the next time, a person wants the same services again, he or she will not search or competitors, but will directly call the same company again as the number was easy to memorize. So this is how one can create a better and approachable brand image in the mind of customers

What Kind of Vanity Number Should I Get

There is no hard and fast rule on what kind of vanity number a company should have. The main requirement is only that it should be easily memorized, just after the first look. There are a few things that one can do to get the best vanity number. For example, if your business is related to flowers, then you can pick a number like 123-Flowers, which would not only show the type of business you are in but will also help people to memorize your number easily when they require flowers. Secondly, to make a number easy to memorize, go for a serial like 123-4567 or a group of the same numbers 333-4444. Both of these formats are very easy to recognize and remember for customers.

How Does it Help a Startup Business

If you are running a startup and trying to figure out how vanity number works, then you should understand why is it required. The main objective of a startup is to get their brand recognized and have authority in the market. When you look at the advertisements of two companies and one of them has a vanity number, it automatically creates a positive image in the mind of a person looking at it. It would feel more authoritative than the other companies with a normal number. As soon as a person looks at such a number, the first feeling is that the startup has invested in their brand and has a special number to make their different from others. Also, since they are easy to remember, they will also help in increasing the call volumes from customer


It does not matter if you are a startup or a business running for years. A vanity number is a great marketing tool for everyone to attract potential customers and to set your company apart from the bunch in the market. Since they start at around $200, they are easy to purchase without spending a fortune. So if you really want to set your brand apart, then a vanity number is a must. 

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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