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Top 5 Ways To Learn About Cybersecurity In 2020

There’s never been a better time to start learning about cybersecurity. Data breaches and hacking attempts ramped up to a near fervor in 2019, and it’s getting hard to keep up. That is why 2020 has to be the year when people start taking their digital security into their own hands.

Top 5 Ways To Learn About Cybersecurity In 2020

Learning about cybersecurity doesn’t have to be boring or even all that complicated. The internet is full of informative resources that provide valuable learning opportunities. Apart from that, you can also take help of cyber attack pro services, which help you protect your data and system from any kind of breach. Both for beginners and cybersecurity veterans. Here are five ways to learn more about cybersecurity in this upcoming year.

Stay on Top of Tech & Security News

Being in the loop means reading the news, even in the tech world. Online security is a fast-moving industry with regular developments. You need to be aware of them. It could make the difference between knowing about a new virus that’s going around or becoming infected by an app that cybersecurity experts have already called out to be malware.

Often, looks can be deceiving. Cybercriminals come up with various ways to dupe their victims. And tech news sites can warn you about their latest tricks. Follow the leading cybersecurity news sources to get the straight-up facts. They inform about everything — from recent malware outbreaks to how hacking works in general.

News outlets like WIRED Security, Forbes Security, and ZDNet Security cover the general cybersecurity news. Others, like ArsTechnica, focus on more specific topics and delve into detailed investigations.

Join Cybersecurity Subreddits

Talking to others about a particular topic is often the best way to learn. Reddit has been an excellent resource for many communities to come together and discuss niche topics. Cybersecurity is one of them.

Make sure to check out a few of the top cybersecurity subreddits. You’ll see what new problems and solutions people are discussing. Reddit is also a great place to ask any security-related questions and get insightful answers from other helpful users.

Some subreddits, like r/Netsec, provide excellent insights into new developments in cybersecurity. But there are some less technical subreddits, like r/security, which are perfect for those only getting into cybersecurity. Other notable mentions include r/cybersecurity, where people go for general news and questions, and r/pwned, which aggregates news on recent hacks and breaches.

Listen to Tech Podcasts

Podcasts as a medium have exploded these past few years, and have become one of the premier ways to take in information. They’re perfect for listening to while on the commute to work or getting some online shopping done.

Whether someone wants to know more about what SSL certificates are or how to handle endpoint protection, there’s a podcast for that. Follow podcasts like Risky business and The Security Weekly Podcast. They break down the latest concepts in cybersecurity in easy to understand chunks. But they cover more niche topics as well. Take a look at Crypto-Gram Security for cryptography news, for instance. You’ll want to listen to OWASP 24/7 for more in-depth discussions on web application security.

Take a Cybersecurity Course

Cybersecurity courses aren’t limited to those who wish to pursue a career in IT or security. Many cybersecurity courses make for a fantastic intro into how cybersecurity works. They are perfect for people who know what cybersecurity is but want to learn a bit more.

Udemy, for example, has a brilliant Cybersecurity course for beginners that covers the basics of staying safe online. Plus, it’s free! Proofpoint also has a compelling cybersecurity training course. It covers topics like mobile device security, social engineering, and safe browsing.

Follow Cybersecurity Blogs

News sources provide an entertaining look into the latest general takes on what’s happening in cybersecurity. But it’s the blogs that offer more in-depth details.

Tech blogs cover a range of cybersecurity issues and developments. Some blogs provide detailed info on the best cybersecurity practices. The other will explain different ways to secure devices and put in place network safety measures. They’re the perfect resource for anyone who needs info on any specific cybersecurity-related topics as well, like how to install a VPN for Mac.

When it comes to blogs, there’s a massive collection to choose from. There are general infosecurity blogs like the Naked Security Blog, but more niche options are available too. Data Breach Today is an extensive resource for risk management and information security. Meanwhile, Krebs on Security takes an investigative look into the latest data breaches.


It’s been a tough year for digital security, but the information is the only reliable defense anyone has against cyber attacks. Be sure to take a look at some of these fantastic cybersecurity resources and learn more about online safety before it’s too late.

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