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5 Video Types Commonly Used by Companies

A video production company says, company videos are excellent tools to help businesses achieve their marketing and team building goals.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the five most commonly used videos companies employ in their marketing and team building strategies.

Video Types Used by Companies

The Explainer Video

This video is designed to explain to your audience how to complete a task or come to a better understanding of a complex topic.

This video differs from product videos that attempt to explain each feature of a product and instead focuses on helping the audience grasp something that most people find difficult to understand.

One of the perks of the explainer video is that they’re easy  to share, and because of that, they can reach a vast audience. 

The Product Video

When a company releases a new product or software application, it’s common for them to make videos detailing their proper use as well as the standout features.

What’s helpful about the product videos is that they go in depth to describe each of the product’s features, how they function, and the benefit they give to the user.

Like the explainer video, a product video is a tool that can be shared to reach a large audience. 

Promo Videos

Think of the promotional video like a commercial; it’s a quick way to promote your product or business and generate customer interest.

The style of these videos should be fun, and intriguing. The goal is to have your audience wanting to know more once the video is finished.

In the promotional video, you want to be sure to hit the highlights and features your product or company offers. Also, you want to be quick and to the point. The way to get people to tune out is to make a promo video that’s too long and drawn out. Lastly, keep the message simple.

Company Culture Videos

The company culture video isn’t generally designed for the mass audience, but rather meant to be circulated internally and to potential new clients or employees. The purpose of this type of video is to give people insight into how your company operates, its ethics, and its driving principles.

These types of videos are also a great tool to provide transparency and generate good morale towards your company and what you’ve set out to accomplish. 


Everyone knows how important testimonials are; they’re considered one of the most important marketing tools for generating new business.

Testimonial videos that detail a client’s satisfaction with your business or product generate trust and goodwill towards your company when soliciting new business and customers. Perfect example is a healthcare video.

However, there are a few things to remember when producing testimonial videos. The first is to keep them as authentic as possible. This means having the person giving the testimony speak from the heart and not from a script. Also, keep the interviews short and have the customer get to the point quickly. These videos must come off as authentic, or they will turn away more customers than they bring in.

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