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Placement Of Instagram Hashtags | Captions Or Comments

Instagram has rightly become the most important social media platform to attract an audience for any business. Irrespective of the company sector, Instagram can help promote the business. However, the recent changes in the way posts are shown to the followers of any page are very critical to consider. The Instagram algorithm that was responsible for posts visibility has eschewed the chronological timeline and turned a more sophisticated course. Even big businesses that buy Instagram followers find it hard to figure out the new Instagram algorithm.

Placement Of Instagram Hashtags | Captions Or Comments

Every user’s feed gets showered with posts that are relevant for their interest, the recency of the post, and relations with the page who has posted something. This change helped in making the platform more relevant. While on one side, a feed has become more refined, this new algorithm has given business accounts a tough time to decode the way things get rolling on Instagram’s new algorithm. Hashtags that have proven to be essential for increasing the reach of an account have become even more necessary to monitor.

This requirement gives rise to the need to choose the perfect way to place these hashtags.

The Dilemma of Caption v/s Comments

There are two separate ways to place hashtags in a post. Some pages prefer to put them in the captions itself while others insert hashtags in the comments section. The people who choose to place hashtags in the caption claim that it is relevant for engagement.

The caption hashtags are easily visible to the audience and thus improves the chances that they would find the post interesting. This is even agreed by individual Instagram pages that buy real Instagram likes for their posts.

The pages that place hashtags in the comments section make the argument that doing so it aesthetically better. The caption looks cleaner and more organized with the hashtags present in the comments section. In this way, the Instagram algorithm recognizes the relevant hashtags for the post. Also, the followers and viewers find the post more attractive and maintained.

Role of Making the Right Decision

Both the ways that are prevalent in the placement of hashtags with an Instagram post have their perks. It is moreover an observation that almost seventy percent of pages, including pages that buy real Instagram likes, tend to place the hashtags in the caption. On the contrary, about thirty percent of pages place their hashtags in the comments section.

It is instead a judgment call to make according to the page and the audience it targets. The apt place to put the hashtags in dependant on the type of content and the branding a page follows.

Doing It Right: Hashtags In Comments

When placing hashtags in the comments sections, these must be in the first comment of the post. Thus the page admin must ensure to add the comment after posting their posts immediately.

Doing It Right: Hashtags In Captions

To avoid compromising with the caption aesthetics and still keep the hashtags in the caption the page admin can take care of three things:

  • Clearly separate the caption from the hashtags using dots
  • Do not stuff the caption with irrelevant hashtags.
  • Use proper spacing between the hashtags as well.
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