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How to Make Sports Highlights and Post Them on Instagram

Sports highlights are almost as popular as the actual live matches. They are a great source of entertainment and nostalgia and are well-loved by sports fans everywhere. They have many advantages which make them stand out. They bring together communities and remind viewers of their favourite moments and provide them with chances to relive these moments and enjoy them again and again. To better understand what highlights really are you can check the football highlights section on Buaksib.

Sports Highlights and Post Them on Instagram

How to Make a Highlight Video

Highlight videos are viral and are in high demand because they are hard to make and require a lot of time and patience. It requires concentration and dedication to film these videos and make them perfect. If you wish to make a highlight video, you can follow the steps given below.

1. Making the preparations

Making a highlight video will take a lot of your time. The filming alone may perhaps take up the entire day. It would be best if you made preparations in advance. You need to assemble your filming equipment and get your backups and resources ready. You should be prepared enough to deal with all kind of emergencies relating to filming your video, and there should be no possibility of a crisis averting your focus or filming. It also includes choosing the necessary software, graphics, templates, titles, themes, music, etc.

2. Filming the video

It is an essential part of the whole process. It perhaps decides how your highlight video will be as well as how much effort it will take on your part to make it. There are various ways of filming a match for highlight videos. It all depends on what you are comfortable with and wish to do. You can film all the plays of the game and then later sort through them for highlights. This way, you will have to put in less effort during the editing process.

3. Editing the video

It is the process that finally produces your highlight video. You must familiarise yourself with video editing techniques and get your hands on some proper video editing software as well. Many video editing software use their watermark on your video. If you are not okay with it, then you have options to choose software that will prevent this. You can use this to edit your video according to your preferences. You must showcase the highlight moments and avoid too much build-up. You can also use music to the advantage of your video.

4. Posting to Instagram

Instagram is a platform that is popular for pictures and videos. With its recent addition of the IGTV feature, it has become possible to upload long videos as well. You can create your profile or even a separate page to post your sports highlight videos. Before posting, you must pay attention to the captions, tags, hashtags, etc. It will improve your viewership and also provide more exposure and more reach to your videos.


According to Sbobet, sports highlights videos are one of the most popular things among sport-related videos on YouTube. You can create your videos and post them on various social media networks. Instagram is one such social media network and will gain you a lot of popularity and viewers for your videos.

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