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How To Grow Your Instagram Business Account?

Let’s face it, most of the people today especially the youth have Instagram accounts and cannot go a day without logging in to catch up with the latest trends. Businesses on the other side have realized that having Instagram accounts can be the hub to attract potential customers to their pages hence making their brand known worldwide.

Instagram Business Account

Well, having an account on Instagram is as simple as downloading the app and creating your profile. However, the twist comes in when it is time to gain followers. You can either choose to market your brand or simply buy Instagram followers. The larger the following, the better, but, posting unique content is very critical.

Below are some of the ways businesses can boost their brands on Instagram;

  1. Buy Followers

Getting followers on Instagram can take forever, especially these days where people are very cautious of whoever they follow. As a business, you can choose to go the long way by marketing your page on other platforms or, decide to buy Instagram followers. Well, buying followers is a great way to kick start your business on a high note since more people will be aware of what your business is about. Remember, having a large following does not necessarily guarantee you of more likes and comments on your page; which leads us to our next point- posting unique content.

  1. Posting Unique Content

The number of likes and comments you get on your page is subject to how unique your content is. Ensure that the photos you post on your page are of high quality and represent your brand to the fullest. Additionally, your captions should go hand in hand with whatever picture you post. A pro tip is that, do not make the captions too long as most people will not read till the end. Also, make good use of hashtags as they help people reach your page through their searches. Make sure the hashtags you use are within your niche, for example, if you are into the fashion business you could use #latestfashiontrends, #fashion and so on.

  1. Post Consistently

Ensure that your followers are engaged all the time. With time after doing so, you will realize that the activity on your page significantly increases. Also, make use of insta stories, release teasers once in a while of projects you have been doing as a business. The teasers will keep your followers eager to know what you have in store for them. Do not forget to respond to your followers’ comments as well as DM’s (Direct messages), while doing so, be as professional as possible.

  1. Get Instagram Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are a great way to make your business thrive on social media platforms. Choose people with a large number of followers on Instagram as your brand ambassadors so that they can advertise your page on their pages hence making their followers follow you. A win-win situation for both parties. While choosing the brand ambassadors, look for people who are well known in society and have an exceptional influence too.

John Paul
John Paul
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