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Things To Consider When Looking For Cost Effective Color Printing Online

When you look online for cheap color printing and a ton of options come up. But if you have ever ordered something for cheap, sometimes even copies, you know that headaches can start here. You could get a company that does not deliver what you want, or doesn’t deliver on time, or gives you copies where the quality is horrible. So how do you choose a good online color printing business? There are a few things you want to keep in mind when looking for an online color printer.

Things To Consider When Looking For Cost Effective Color Printing Online


This is probably the most important factor. You want to get quality printing. So if you buy too cheaply, the quality will suffer and your copies won’t look presentable. You certainly don’t want to be embarrassed about your business.


Read up on the company you are thinking about using. Check on the type of machines they use. The quality of the printing machines can vary greatly with different copy suppliers. A lot of companies will not list the type of equipment they use. So look for it. A company that informs you of the type of printing they do, has nothing to hide.

Buy a PDF Converter

Yes, there are a ton of free programs that will convert your documents to PDF versions for the print shop. However, these free programs do not convert your colors well enough to maintain high quality. This is true if you have a logo and heavy graphics files in your prints. Buy a good program especially if you plan on printing regularly.

Check you Color on Different Computer Displays

Different monitors show the colors differently. Just like a TV, there are different colors on different models of PCs, tablets, phones, etc. Look at your work on different displays to ensure that you like it form every aspect. Printers use a huge variety of colors. Check to see if the colors are what you want for the long term.


On the internet, printing businesses often list a complicated pricing system. They advertise one price, but after you begin the purchasing procedure, you will be presented with multiple other pricing. In that case, you should start shopping at, where prices are fixed.


Don’t feel forced to buy a certain quantity just to get a cheap price. Many online printers have a quantity limit of 500, 1000 or more. But what if you need something like 420 copies? Many printers will force you to purchase that 500 limit quantity to get the deal.

Art Work

To find the best wholesale full color printing option be sure to give the printing company you choose the artwork in the format they ask for. Going back and forth or asking the printer to do the artwork for you may mean you have to pay a higher price.


Be sure to determine what other people think of the printing company you choose. The web is full of reviews made by consumers, so it is never difficult to see what people have to say about a business. A quality printing service will be proud of what they do and will offer testimonials and reviews made by their customers. Some companies will even offer a list of businesses they have worked for in the past.

Found The Best Printing Partner?

Finding the best company to offer wholesale full color printing is going to take some research and analysis but the above tips can help you find the right printer. Don’t get frustrated as there are some really great cheap color printing options. Be sure to check to see if the printer also offers you a new account discount or a quantity discount. Printers will often offer a better deal when you order more copies.

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