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Why Does My Body Ache?

Body aches can come from a variety of conditions. And the mistake many people make is to try to alleviate the symptoms rather than find the underlying problem. Of course, the mistake is not usually intentional. Some people spend years trying to find out what’s causing the pain with doctors who can’t seem to get to the root of it. In case, if you are not able to work at all, you can take help from in-home care services; for more details just visit

Why Does My Body Ache

More times than not, simple body aches in various areas get overlooked or masked with painkiller without ever visiting a physician. And most of these times, their conditions are perfectly treatable. So, make sure when you do get your next checkup, that you fill your doctor in on all your symptoms. Also, make sure you’re getting the best care possible by finding the best doctors. If you’ve recently moved to a new area or just need a new physician, use a service such as a health information exchange organization to gather all your facts.

And in case you’re not sure whether an urgent exam is necessary, following are some possible reasons for your body aches so that you can make that decision yourself.

Plantar fasciitis

Not many pains compete with the misery of foot pain. It can cause mobility issues, back problems, and knee pain. Extensive problems like these are usually because of prolonged limping and uneven weight distribution.

Plantar fasciitis is a foot problem that is much more common than you think. And it originates in your heel. The fascia is the tissue that connects the toes to the heel bone. And when it is stressed or overused, it can become inflamed and sore. You’ll most often feel the pain when you first stand, but some people find walking unbearable much of the time. Thus getting treatment at the right time is quite crucial. In such cases, you can use services like urgent care in Fort Worth or the area of the patient’s residence.

The condition is most common in people who are overweight or have abnormal arches. It can also happen when you suddenly become active after a long period of inactivity, or if you stand on hard surfaces for hours at a time. The treatment for plantar fasciitis is rest, anti-inflammatory medicines, and stretches. However, for people who have underlying foot issues that consistently cause pain, your doctor might recommend you consult with a foot and ankle surgeon in New Jersey to discuss further options for pain relief.


If you’re experiencing body aches throughout your body, along with muscle pain, headaches, fatigue, and irregular sleep patterns, fibromyalgia is a possible culprit. Many people who experience the pain of this disease mistake it for arthritis. But the difference is that arthritis affects the joints, while fibromyalgia affects the soft tissue. Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for this condition, but there are some helpful treatments available. Patients often find exercise, acupuncture, and massage helpful for treating the symptoms.


It’s important not to immediately fear cancer every time you experience a pain. But there are some specific symptoms that come along with it that might signal a need for immediate care. Every type of cancer has its own symptoms. And most pain from the disease only appears during late stages.

But if you’ve experienced an onset of issues, such as weakness, extreme fatigue, weight loss, unexplainable bleeding, or other symptoms, along with your pain, it’s important to seek urgent care. The symptoms could indicate many conditions that are non-cancerous, but it’s crucial that you find out quickly. Seeing your primary physician is a good place to start. Then, he or she can decide whether you need to be directed to a cancer treatment center.


Many people don’t realize the havoc they wreak on their bodies by not getting the proper amount of sleep. And one of the ways you feel the damage is through headaches, weakened immunity, depression, and pain in other areas. Studies show that sleep deprivation actually boosts your body’s response to pain within certain parts of the brain. In other words, you may feel pain much more intensely after you’ve gone a few days without much sleep.

If you find that your sleep patterns continue to be disrupted, it’s important that you find out why. A pulmonary and sleep disorders practice in Bridgewater, NJ can perform sleep studies on you to determine the causes. These could be directly related to other disorders, such as anxiety, sinus problems, chronic pain, or acid reflux. Or it could be something you may not be able to detect on your own, such as sleep apnea.


Diseases like lupus can cause body aches before you even realize you have them. And it affects everyone a little differently. Lupus is a disease that causes your immune system to start fighting your body. It will attack healthy tissue, causing inflammation and pain. But in addition to pain, you might also experience high fevers, swollen ankles, and skin rashes.

No one is exactly sure what causes lupus, but there are some effective ways to treat it. Doctors will most commonly advise certain lifestyle changes that can help alleviate the symptoms. Certain foods and exercises might need to be added to the diet. But there are also several medications that have proven successful in patients with the disorder.

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

MS is another autoimmune disorder. But this one attacks the central nervous system rather than soft tissues. The symptoms seem to vary a great deal between patients. But most experience numbness, weakness, electric-shock sensation, blurred vision, or tremors. Once diagnosed with MS, patients are commonly prescribed specific medications. But they also usually require continual attention to their eye health, mental health, and nutrition. While there’s no known cure for MS, some medications have successfully slowed the progress of the disease in some people.


Arthritis is a common condition that causes inflammation in the joints. Some people experience it in just one joint, while others seem to develop it in all of them. There are also over 100 types of arthritis, and each has its own methods of treatment.

Along with the pain from inflammation, arthritis may cause you to lose some range of motion and extreme joint stiffness. Most types are initially treated with anti-inflammatory medications. But some patients find hot and cold therapy helpful. As time goes on, arthritis may cause mobility issues, so it’s important to maintain proper medical care. For example, some people may need orthopedic care in Wayne, NJ to help alleviate some lower body pain.

Back misalignment

Having a misalignment in the spine can cause many problems throughout the body. But the most common complaint is pain. When vertebrae in the spine get out of line, it can cause fluid to build up in those spots. This causes painful inflammation and limited mobility in most people. Most of the time, chiropractic care is sufficient to adjust the spine and alleviate the pain. But if the problem is recurring and you’re unable to find relief, you may need a stronger course of action.

Your primary care physician can usually do an initial examination to diagnose the problem. And he or she may then refer you to a spine surgeon in New Jersey. A spine surgeon may not need to perform major surgery to correct the problem. They may be able to instead, administer injections or provide treatment for pain management.

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