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Avoid New York and Illinois if you’re forced to use fake ID in Underage Drinking!

Partying is an inseparable part of young people, especially new students. If you are one of them, “taking a minute” to party on weekends is normal. Having fun with your friends at the bar is a fun activity for some young people. But unfortunately not everyone is allowed to slide in. If you force log in with a fake ID, then some risks might await you. You have to realize that underage drinking is illegal and according to some people, it’s very bad and shouldn’t happen.

You might be able to get away if the bar guard is a senile old man who doesn’t care whether you qualify or not. But the situation is different if he is someone who is strict, obedient to the rules and does not hesitate to report you to the authorities.

use fake ID in underage drinking

The guard might take your fake ID card

This is a bad scenario but not the worst one. The guard might take your fake ID card. If that happens, don’t ever try asking for it again. You can cause a bigger problem. If you try to ask for it again, there is always the chance for a police officer to wait for you, especially if you are using a fictional ID card, in the sense that the photos and identities on the card are completely fake ones.

Each state has different laws. But you need to know the general consequences. In some states, having a false identity is a minor offense but in some states such as New York, faking ID cards can be classified as a class A violation. If you are arrested for the first time, you may not be imprisoned, but class A violations always result in a 3-year trial period and a fine of up to $ 1,000. But the big consequence if you commit the offense in New York is that your permanent record will be flawed since the recording of your violation will be with you for life. This will be difficult if you are looking for a job or applying for an internship in the city.

But if you break in Illinois, you will get more severe consequences. In this state, using fraudulent documents is a serious violation that can lead to class 4 crime. That means you may need to be incarcerated for up to three years and fined $ 25,000.

If you are caught red-handed by the police

Of course this seems more frightening. If you are caught using a fake ID at a liquor store or bar, the consequences that you will receive are relatively the same as described above. But there are some situations that might burden you. If you are caught in New York, you can be convicted in the second level with a threat of 1 year imprisonment with a three-year probationary period. But again, you should not be caught in Illinois because you might be able to be held for up to 1 year and with a fine of $ 2,500.

What if everything happened

If you are caught using a fake ID, you will be prosecuted and a judge will consider the main reason for your violation. But of course you, with the help of a reliable lawyer, can have the opportunity to receive a light sentence with a temporary note (for a certain period). You’d better pray for that!

If you are caught on your campus

If you are caught on your campus, you may receive an administrative sentence that will disrupt your graduation. You should read your school handbook on the topic of underage drinking.

Advice: Faking ID is not a cool action. Instead of looking cool, you will end up with a few punishments that might turn you into a loser. But if you are in a situation where you are “forced” to do it, make sure you avoid states like New York and Illinois. And you might need to deal with California Most Frequently Ordered State ID.

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