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MEE6 BOT Discord and Its Usage

Discord is of great use when it comes to managing users for chatting and digital communication. Discord server manages the load of users and data that has to be stored for communication and chatting. If the load of the users and data is too much to handle and if it goes beyond the capacity of the Discord server, then the servers would not work as expected and might have some issues going forward. There is a popular tool called Mee6 Bot which helps to control and manage issues like this to the maximum.

MEE6 BOT Discord

There is a separate dashboard for this bot where you will be able to customize commands, configure moderation, and maintain alerts according to your choice. Organizing the whole data with the help of the MEE6 Bot helps a lot in the maintenance of your Discord server.

Before we delve into the specifics and intricacies of the MEE6 bot, we will first understand what is it and what are its features.

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Functionalities of Mee6 Bot:

The users who add Mee6 Bot to Discord servers have an extended dashboard where they can completely customize or create commands according to their choice and options. The roles and responsibilities with respect to your Discord account will also be manageable by you as one can tweak it to their needs and demands. Whenever you need to send messages or block access and add roles, everything will be in your control.

The whole server will come under the user’s control and managing it with any commands or functionalities becomes easier. Sometimes if you want to add new users, you can manipulate their roles and access according to your choice easily using the dashboard. Group messaging or conducting conference calls with multiple participants becomes easy to control and manage with Mee6 Bot.

Benefits of Mee6 Bot

  1. Users will be able to create and typecast any commands they want as per their needs.
  2. You will have complete authority over the new members you include in your list.
  3. You can also moderate and manage your account to avoid any security threats or external intrusions.
  4. Your Discord accounts can send and receive alerts about Twitch, YouTube, and other applications.
  5. There is a special dashboard that is especially dedicated to the purpose of customizations and management of your MEE6 Bot.

Ways to install Mee6 Bot

  1. Go to the official website of Mee6 Bot which is the website.
  2. Sign up on the website with your Discord credentials.
  3. Login with the Discord ID and select a server as it mentions.

Ways to install Mee6 Bot

  1. It will automatically pop up a setup MEE6 button.

Ways to install Mee6 Bot 1

  1. Click on the button and navigate to the next window using the next tab.
  2. Suddenly a window pops up, where you will press the continue button.
  3. You will apply all the permissions you need your Mee6 Bot to have and activate them.
  4. Click the authorize button.
  5. Just adhere to the instructions that are displayed on the page.
  6. Finally every option and functionality of the Mee6 Bot will turn up.
  7. You can choose the ones that you need and enable it.
  8. You can also fix access and roles for your contact list users.

The methods to use it:

  1. Go to your dashboard;
  2. Login with the Discord credentials;
  3. Go to your server;
  4. Click the plugin and add it;
  5. Fill in all the information;
  6. Click save.

Record your Discord conversation with Mee6 Bot:

Sometimes it is helpful to record all the conversations you have on your Discord channel. This can be done with the help of Mee6 Bot. It can be done with an add-on plug-in using your Mee6 bot dashboard and it will be saved as an MP3 output.

  1. Go to your Mee6 Bot dashboard;
  2. Login and give access to your own account;
  3. Attach your Mee6 Bot to the server;
  4. Click on the plug-ins;
  5. Record the conversation as it gets saved.

Mee6 commands:

Mee6 commands

There are so many commands that Mee6 already provides and most of them perform the set of actions as specified. Some of the prominent ones include,

!level, !rank, !ban, !tempban, !clear, !infractions, !kick, !mutes, !slowmode, !unmute, !warn, !manga, !imgur, !pokemon etc.

These commands can be availed as they are already enlisted as prominent commands which can be used in Mee6 Bot.

How to customize commands:

As mentioned earlier you can also typecast and create your own commands to perform the required action. There are some protocols and syntax you have got to follow to enable your own command. There is a special support and help section that describes all the variables that are to be used.

  1. Navigate to the dashboard;
  2. Click on the text command’
  3. Give the command name according to the protocol, add some action, and describe the command.

It is a very simple process and it can be leveraged at your discretion at any time.


As we have summarised before about the Mee6 Bot, it can be availed to your best use according to your choice. It will manage your server and also organize your account in a better way possible. So leverage the facility and get benefitted to your maximum.

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