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7 Tricks To Access Blocked Websites

In recent years, we are seeing the online censorship in a specific country or region due to various reasons. Some governments block social media sites for their political reasons and some due to copyright issues. This is a common annoyance that leaves many users stranded and deprived of access to quality content.

Tricks To Access Blocked Websites

If you are facing such restriction in your region, you can avoid it by using a VPN service. There are a variety of methods you can use to access websites from anywhere in the world. Gaining access to blocked sites are not an easy task to do, but not a tough task too. You can access all blocked sites by following the simple methods given below.

1. VPN

VPN is a secure mechanism of connecting to a private LAN at a remote location. They bypass the data through the various servers provided by the VPN instead of the normal servers. The VPN creates a connection between your computer and servers placed in various countries and it will assign an IP address to your connection which hides your actual IP.Your IP will be automatically changed and you will be able to access the internet through any browser with anonymity due to having alternative network credentials. By using VPN we easily access blocked websites in any region and country.

2. Proxys

Proxy websites are another quick and easy way to unblock restricted websites in your region. While selecting a perfect proxy server you need to pay attention to your anonymity and the security of the connection. Some proxy servers may harm your privacy or steal some information. Your proxy must hide your IP address to avoid any privacy problems. So when selecting a proxy server, you must consider them all.

3.  DNS Redirect Services

DNS redirect services you can easily cheat those websites. The DNS redirect services redirect the origin country request as a request from any other countries where there is no block for the website. Thus you can browse as a person browsing from other countries. But the DNS method will only work with some specific services. But you are lucky because the list contains almost all services used by you in your daily schedule. A picture showing some of the supported services is given below.

4.  Google cache

Another interesting way of accessing blocked website is Google Cache. Google caches all indexed web pages to its servers. Even if they are blocked, Google can display the cached copy of that. You get a cached copy of the website, which is only 1 or 2 days old. So, you can enjoy the contents of any blocked websites with the help of the Google cache. To display the cached content of any website just click the pointing down icon near the domain name and then click on the “Cached” option.

5.  Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can unblock the restricted websites easily. They are custom coded scripts which help you easily break the security of the blocked websites. The extensions completely integrate to the browser and detect the specific websites which are blocked to you and creates a simultaneous connection using some VPN servers placed all over the world. Most of them use the same technology as the traditional VPNs.

6. Use IP instead of URL

Every website will contain unique IP address. If the site is not opening in your region you can access it by pasting IP address instead of the URL. To get the IP address for any website, you do a ping domain(dot)com command in Command Prompt. Using IP is a simple way to access blocked websites in your region.

7. Use RSS Feed URL

Sometimes if the website is down or restricted it can be accessed by using the feed URL of the particular website. You can get the RSS feed of the blocked website and add it to your reader. For example, take you want access, you can grab the feed by typing “feed” at the end of the website URL.

Summing up

These are the best ways to access a blocked website in your place. If you really need to unlock those blocked websites, you will definitely find the above methods useful.

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