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File For Divorce Online | Getting Divorce Forms on the Internet

Filing for divorce online is a way by which service providers will assist in filing for a divorce in court trough filling the documents online and submitting the documents to the court for it to determine the case and issue a decree.

If a couple decides on going through this way, then it is imperative to both of them choose which the best online service to settle for is. The good thing with filing for online separation is that it’s an inexpensive separation which rarely requires a lawyer.

File For Divorce Online

In most cases, couples go through bitter moments, spend so much trying to make ends meet but when there is no solution but to end the marriage; then it’s essential to get a way that they will end it less expensively. Therefore they can join hands and agree on the way forward towards their separation. In most cases when the dissolved marriage is uncontested, filing online is the most convenient and applicable way. Less time will also be used there will be no contentious issues that have to be 

If you have made up your mind to go through the divorce online way, then ensure that the following will be done accordingly.

  • There are two different ways of filing for divorce online, as such ensure that you understand both of them that is; using the states court site or decide to use an online company that has been approved by the state to carry out such functions.

For a state-based court, you will fill the documents by yourself which is contrary to an online site where they will provide a questionnaire and help in reviewing the information to the end.

  • The intended break up must be uncontested– It is critical that before you start the process, you and your spouse have come into an agreement in terms of child custody, visitation, and division of assets all which will be documented in the divorce papers.

In case of division of debt, ensure that it has been adequately captured to make sure that during the settlement after the decree is made, none of the spouses will run away from the responsibility of paying what has been assigned to him or her.

  • Integrity in filling the details– The court requires one to maintain the integrity and be truthful to the information that is included in the divorce papers. The address, social security numbers, the dates that the children were born should be accurate as possible to ensure that the separation will not leave any marks unattended which may bring future battles.

Confirm that the forms are filled as per the uncontested divorce requirements in any state.

  • Payment of fees– For one to access the papers for whichever form of marriage break up you have settled in, ensure that you pay the fees to aid fast and accurate processing of the information. The court clerks responsible in the site you have chosen will have an express obligation to support you in case you are finding challenges in the form filing. Once you have finalized in preparation of the documents you can proceed to file of depending on the site, they can still assist in filing for you to the courthouse.
  • Supposing you did not fill the divorce papers together, ensure that you serve your spouse with the papers within the required time. Serving of the papers requires a server which is appointed by the courts to do the same and as such, do not serve your partner by yourself as it will be considered null and void.
  • Divorce agreement– This is a very critical area where you need to confirm that whatever agreement you have prepared, you will be able to live up to it. The Attorney can help you sign an affidavit to confirm that you have both agreed to settle for what the agreement states.

Any other forms that are deemed necessary for filing should be done in advance to ensure that as you submit to the court, then this will be the final document that the judge will be set to use.

Online filing does not have a repeat of back and forth and as such, whatever your document must be entirely accurate awaiting judgment.

The way out is one, understanding how to file for online divorce and below are the steps towards a successful decree to end a marriage.

  1. Research for a trusted and most reputable divorce online site.

Several companies offer the service, but before settling on a specific one, it’s worth researching for the most reputable one so that you are assured that as the process starts, there will be no hitches that will occur in the entire process.

Do not be enticed by the cheap rate that some sites may be offering since some people have ended up paying double the price after the first option gave a solution that was not accepted in the courts.

Confirm the reviews from people who have previously used the site and settle for the best. 

  1. Signing up

Once you settle for the site you intend to assist you in filing the divorce papers, then it’s time to sign up for the site.  This is where you give out your information and provide it in an honest way. In case the documents contradict with the real you, then the courts have the mandate to stop the case which will be to your disadvantage. Ensure that you sign the signup documents together with your spouse. Should he or she be away from you, then get a way of ensuring that the documents reach him for the signing of the same.

After you have signed, and have proved that you are eligible to use the site, then you will be provided with forms that have questions under the leadership of the state you live in for filling and documenting. 

  1. Login into the site and answering the relevant answers.

The documents that you are given online will have a questionnaire that you will be required to fill to submit the documents to the court. It usually comprises of issues like; what is the reason for breaking the marriage, alimony, children custody and any other matters that the site will find relevant to support you in the documentation. Ensure that you have come into a consensus with your spouse before filing the documents because online divorce will only work out if the marriage separation is uncontested and it will not require a lawyer to be effective.

After filling the information, there are clerks within the site who will review your work and advice in case of any revisions. They are also on standby should you be having any challenge into filling the required information to ensure that you submit the final document in a qualified manner. 

  1. Printing of the documents.

After the clerks or the Attorney in charge of the site review the documents, they will give a go-ahead that the information is relevant and at this point, you will be required to print the documents for submission to the courts.

After you submit the documents, then you will expect to have the judges make a decree within the next 3-4 months.


Some of the advantages of using online Divorce is that it saves time to finish your paperwork and submit to the courts and at the same time, the process in a cheap one. Since you have gone through painful times, it’s essential to try and reduce the financial burden involved in the separation process should you go through the Attorney. However should there be a need for clarification of an issue in the course of the court procedures, then the online service may not prove to be the right one support once the papers have been submitted. In such a case a paid service through the lawyer would work out better. It’s therefore essential to know which way to follow.

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