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5 Software Platforms to Improve Your Nonprofit Organization’s Data

Many software platforms are marketed toward nonprofit organizations. Whether an organization uses Raisers Edge donor management software or a Blackbaud Salesforce integration, there are many solutions for entering, managing, analyzing and exporting data on any software as a service platform. Learn more about five major platforms in the nonprofit industry: Raisers Edge, Altru, Blackbaud CRM, Financial Edge and Salesforce.

5 Software Platforms Nonprofit Organization Data

Understanding Raisers Edge Donor Management

Blackbaud Raisers Edge is a leading donor management software platform among nonprofit organizations. This SaaS platform provides cloud-based financial and relationship management fundraising utilities. When a nonprofit wants to analyze donor activities, grow lists or raise more money from current donors, Raisers Edge and the latest generation Raisers Edge NXT are the industry standard.

Raisers Edge and Raisers Edge NXT simplify donor list development, analysis and engagement. These services identify untapped potential in existing databases while making it easier to cultivate new donors and enrich organizational data. The quality of a nonprofit’s data is directly related to fundraising success and can be enriched by integrating data collection software.

How Data Collection Software Helps Orgainzie All Your Nonprofit Data

Data collection software supports every stage of nonprofit operations, from donor data collection to management, analysis and bidirectional utilization. Omatic Cloud Essentials offers data organization solutions built for Raisers Edge and several other Blackbaud software platforms for nonprofits.

Altru is a cultural management solution designed by Blackbaud for general admission organizations. Institutions such as museums or zoos can use this platform to process tickets and manage fundraising drives and memberships. Integrating data collection software with this platform can significantly improve the quality of any institutional data. Other integrations are also available for more general nonprofit platforms.

Blackbaud also provides a cloud-based accounting SaaS platform. Financial Edge empowers nonprofits to keep track of accounts, assets, banking and funding. Data collection software can facilitate the process of importing, improving, analyzing and utilizing nonprofit data. Depending on the tools a nonprofit organization uses, it may also be helpful to choose data collection software that can also be integrated with Blackbaud CRM or Salesforce.

Nonprofits use customer relationship management software to comprehend and connect with donors or potential supporters. Blackbaud CRM is a popular platform in the nonprofit industry, while Salesforce is used by many types of corporations. No matter which CRM platform you use, integrating effective software improves the accessibility and quality of data. The donor or supporter information you have can be used to provide superior support.

The operational structure of a nonprofit will determine which accounting, donor management and fundraising platforms are the most beneficial and cost-effective. Organizations should strongly consider investing in versatile data collection software to support any of these Blackbaud or Salesforce SaaS integrations.

Implementing the right software platforms can enhance and streamline the operation of any nonprofit organization. No matter which software an organization uses, having the most complete and high-quality donor and fundraising data can start to pay off immediately in the form of more donations. Nonprofit organizations can rely on a cloud-based suite of data integration tools for more informed and effective fundraising.

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