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Own a Discord Account And Customize The Banner

Online games and streaming actions have invaded the recent generation to a larger extent. Once video games were personalized and it was played solely by high-end consumers who had access to online multiplayer. However, things have changed in recent times that a gamer can actually access multiple mediums for online games along with communication across the globe. This became possible with the advent of Discord account which settled the dream of gamers to sit on their couch while exhibiting their strategies to overcome a stranger playing the same game. The communication between the play buddies being calls, video-chats, or video-calls, etc. has globalized the gaming premise to deem it extremely accessible universally.

Discord And Customize The Banner

Discord Account:

Discord is an online communication tool that was designed for gamers across the globe to team up and play. The target audience for this tool was gamers, although in later years it also started being used extensively as any other digital communication medium. This has the capacity to link multiple people while categorizing them to separate groups. It can help you to communicate with your play buddies, and also connect you with people you know. They can be categorized and channeled differently in different servers. Subscribing to a Discord account calls for connecting to different servers or creating a new one. The servers function as your medium to connect and invite people you know. The servers can be classified into channels where you can group people for different purposes. Once you have tagged yourself with servers and linked people, communicating with them or group-accessing with your play-buddies of online games becomes an easy ride. This service is available as an app on Android, IOS, or any other operating system that is used currently.

Usage of Discord:

Having a Discord account helps you with many communication functionalities. Of course, interacting with your playmates is often deemed to be one of the most extensively used purposes, there are other ways of accessing people via this account. The different servers act as platforms for connecting a specific group of people, including strangers, with whom you share a common liking or discussions. All the gamers can be tethered together in one server where you engage in the wild actions of video games exhibiting your strategies. All these are classified as public servers, while private servers help you to connect with people you know and your friends. They can be used for personal communications via video-chat, or calls withstanding confidentiality between the participants.

There is also a recent development to Discord which helps users to link this account to their Spotify, Twitch, or YouTube accounts which calls for interaction with like-minded people to collaborate and get together. Listening to a piece of preferred music in Spotify will notify people in the server grasping their attention and co-listen to the songs together. This sparks the mojo of the users as Discord’s functionalities bond people from across the globe seamlessly to communicate and improve the contacts. The account can be used to categorize your contacts for any other social purpose like college friends, School friends, Gym group, etc.

Discord Banner and customization:

As we amply discussed Discord being a forum for connecting people globally, there is a minimal need to beautify your account or the server banner to garner participation. All the public servers need an effective amount of traffic to sustain a longer period as the unpopular ones get purged with every update of Discord versions. A Discord server banner is an image that represents a server that you are a part of. To customize the banners, you simply navigate to the server settings and change the image to a captivating one.

As far as other customization goes, there is a server nickname that is prone to attract the public. To change the nickname, Navigate to the settings menu. Go to User Settings>My Account>Edit. You can enter the new name and save it as the changes would appear immediately.

Discord Avatars are your personal profile image that displays your identity to the public. Navigating to My Account and applying an attractive profile picture might load you with lots of traffic.

Apart from all this, there is a way to keep your interface catchier by choosing themes for its appearance. Navigating to App Settings>Appearance, you can select the theme that fits your purpose and it will immediately be notified across servers and platforms you have linked your account.

There is also scope for customizing your notification settings. If you want your Discord account to pop up messages only on your mobile and not in any other mediums, you would click App Settings>Notifications and change the settings accordingly.

Customization in Discord ranges to every possible aspect of propagating your account.

Hence, Discord account preserves the interest of people to expand on their digital communication along with connecting gamers across the globe.

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