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How to Scan QR Code in Airtel Digital TV?

The customers of Airtel Digital TV have been benefitted from options to choose their own channels from their TV itself. The help of Airtel DTH scan QR code comes in handy to do that. How do you scan QR codes in Airtel Digital TV? You can use any payment app which could do the work for you effectively. Let us look into the possibilities of what kind of payment apps can perform the action effectively.

Payzapp, which has been recently introduced by HDFC is an extensively used payment application. It has every advancement to make all payments in just one go. It is an app that is usually found in both Android and iOS devices for scanning and recharging purposes.

As with the options to choose the channels you want, you may have to switch on to channel number 998/999 and go for the package which suits your needs. While you are checking out the package you desire, the Airtel TV by itself leads you to the DTH QR code page where you can do the payment through scanning.

Now let us first look into the Payzapp application and its scanning procedure:

  1. Open the Payzapp application
  2. Navigate to the scan page
  3. Press the button on the page to view the QR code
  4. Scan the code and do the payment using your debit/credit card.

Scanning the QR code:

Scanning the QR code

Sometimes losing your smartphones can open up the risk or threat of losing your money in Payzapp. Hence there are prerequisites that you are supposed to follow before proceeding with the payment.

Sometimes the codes that are generated go well with certain models of phones and not all of them. You need to be wary of that factor and scan it accordingly to fit the flexibility of your phone.

The need to hide your number to avoid any security violation comes as a necessity. One number which scores as important to do that is the IMEI number. It is a unique code for your phone and an identity that safeguards your device.

Whenever you lose your mobile phone, you can block your IMEI number, so that there is no data theft or abuse of your number. Sometimes the IMEI number is also used to track the thief and obtain your lost phone. So having your IMEI number saved can help you in the long run.

Scanning the code with your smartphone and properly using it for payment should be a one-time activity, as retention of the code could result in a security violation.

How to scan QR code in Airtel Digital TV?

How to scan QR code in Airtel Digital TV

The below steps will help you identify how would you scan a QR code.

  1. Use your digital TV remote and tune in to channel 998/999,
  2. Go to the screen where you have to choose your pack,
  3. Zone into channels that you want,
  4. There are packages that you may want to block, you can avail that to get a wholesome list of channels that fits your demands.
  5. Your right corner of the TV screen will scan all the channels you have chosen.
  6. After choosing all the channels, press the submit button.
  7. Immediately, you will be navigated to the DTH QR code page.
  8. Scan the code with the help of any mobile app that is handy.
  9. As soon as the scanning part is over, send the SMS with the option.
  10. A confirmation message will be reverted soon.

The time taken for the completion of the process is 48 hours and when the procedure is over, you will be able to tune into any channels you want.

Scanning the code requires a smartphone and any device that does not have a camera cannot be used for this purpose. TRAI’s recently imposed regulations have mandated regular tariffs from cable TV operators and subscribers. They have also introduced packages like bouquets offer which can be used for choosing multiple channels that go with your choice.

Sometimes the specific channels can be chosen for separate ala-carte prices and that also requires scanning codes which will be done as mentioned in the above steps.

Scanning the code requires a smartphone


Scanning the QR code is an easy process and has been operated by people across the world. There are also useful apps that aid easy scanning of the code which can be availed like Payzapp. So many purchases in today’s world happen digitally and scanning is one of the most prominent ones which people resort to. Airtel Digital TV package of choosing our preferred channels seems to be the best of offer and doing it through scanning the code becomes an option which anybody could opt to.

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