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Generate SBI ATM Pin Through Different Methods:

State Bank of India is a renowned bank in Mumbai, which has branches everywhere within the country. It is considered to be one of the topmost financial service company which has a registered user population of around 11 million. Owning an SBI account will guarantee an SBI ATM card for which you can generate a PIN number yourself through SMS/Netbanking/ATM online. This procedure has become a trend and common affair these days as it has become a usual practice.

Usually, PIN numbers were delivered by the registered bank in earlier days. However, times have changed, and now we can create our own PIN number according to our convenience by following some protocols. IN this article, we will delineate the process of generating the PIN number through different methods.

Methods to generate SBI ATM Pin through SMS/ ATM Online

Most of the methods that are related to generating SBI ATM Pin are available on the official site as explanations that can be followed for your convenience. There are basically two prominent methods people usually avail.

One method is a direct login to your account and the other method entails calling to SBI Card helpline number. These 2 methods have always been the common ways, people, in general resort to when they are looking to generate a Pin number.

Let us first divide these 2 methods and explain the procedures separately for both.

Log in to generate Pin:

Log in to generate Pin

  1. Navigate to www.sbicard.com
  1. Login with the credentials of your account
  2. Go to MY Account page
  3. Navigate to Manage PIN
  4. A drop-down menu bar unfolds with all your available card details
  5. Select the card you want
  6. A SMS will pop up on your mobile with the OTP
  7. Fill in the OTP in the space allotted for it
  8. Set your ATM Pin and press submit.

This is just one of the important methods to generate the PIN. There are other methods that may be more convenient to some people who disapprove of this method.

Calling option to generate Pin:

Calling option to generate Pin

Open the dialer in the phone

  1. Call the number 39020202 or 1860 180 1290
  2. You will get the automated voice options
  3. Click the number which specifies the Pin option
  4. The attenders ask for your information and validate your credentials
  5. Enter all the details they demand including the card number
  6. An OTP on the spot will be sent on your phone
  7. Enter the OTP in the specified position
  8. Verify that OTP in the email ID
  9. Set your Pin number

Changing the Pin in the ATM:

Changing the Pin in the ATM

Changing the PIN number in ATM is straightforward and direct for us. This has been a common practice for years. When you are in an ATM, you will just have to follow the menu of the ATM, which will eventually direct you to create a pin number.

There are also other options by which you can generate a Pin for your SBI card. One of the ways which millennials resort to is Internet Banking and SMS which is quite accessible and easy to do stationed at one place.

The most reliable and sorted way for acquiring a Pin number is through Pin Mailers or automatic Pin. Below we will explain the process of the SBI Green Pin initiative which is quite an alternative to the old method.

SBI’s Green Pin:

SBI Green PIN Generation

Generally, As soon as we are issued with a credit card or a debit card, we get our Pin number attached to the mailer. It is in the form of a scratch card which should be unmasked to find the original Pin number.

It is generally sent to the owner’s address and it is delivered with utmost security. Only the person who owns the card is viable to receive it. So in order to change the Pin number which has been provided, the owner has to visit the bank or ATM and get it altered.

Though this method has been the custom for years, the security aspect of this has been debatable and in deliberation. The onus is on the Bank employees to safeguard the Pin mailers and make sure that they have reached the owners safely. If any tampering of the mailers is detected, the banks will have to resend a new Pin with extra charges.

Hence the introduction of Green Pin has come to the fore. This way of generating a green Pin reduces the effort of the security aspect and multiple other delivery charges that banks incur to finally send the new Pin.

This is the method where the customers themselves are given the onus of generating through the various methods and adhering to the validation methods of each. They can generate or regenerate according to their choice without any issues.

One thing that customers need to be wary of is the credential validation and security checks they have to abide by. All the parameters and credentials need to be given in confidentiality for whichever method you resort to.


There are many ways to generate SBI Pin without visiting the bank or dropping by the ATM, which use to be the usual practice. This has eased the process of generating or regenerating Pin numbers without much ado. It has also relieved us from the fear of security threats and thereby saving our time to a large extent.

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