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All That You Need to Know About Roku

More often, you must have heard a work colleague or a friend tell you about how much they enjoyed watching a show on Roku. Though you were curious about what Roku is, you restrained from asking, thinking you might not look so cool. Yes, many of us can relate to a similar situation. The social phobia is real and you might fear being judged. It’s alright, we feel you. It is understandable. We are here to answer your question and let you know all about Roku. In a bit, after reading this post you will know how Roku works and what makes it different from the rest. First thing’s first. You will be needing a stable and fast internet connection to make it all work, so here is an idea: Grab something like Time Warner internet to make the most out of your streaming experience. If you are wondering whether Roku is a device or software that needs to be purchased, then here are the answers to all your popping questions. Dive in!

Need to Know About Roku

What is Roku, After All?

Roku is a company that produces media streaming devices. All of them run on the Roku software. It is interesting to know that Roku is a Japanese word that means ‘six’. The reason behind it is that Roku is the sixth company of its owner. The first product launched by its company was Roku DVP back in 2008. The Roku streaming media players mainly focus on making video and audio content streaming simpler and more convenient for the viewers.

Here comes the best part, a Roku device will allow you to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or any other streaming service. Not just that, you can also watch many channels over it that have pretty much every kind of entertainment in store for you.

Is Roku a Device, a Software, or Something Else?

The next question that usually pops into our heads is if Roku is a device or software. Well, it is both. Roku produces its hardware known as the Roku players that come with several models at varying prices. Each Roku player has its own remote to help you control the various Roku Menu features.

Does Roku Require a Subscription?

Users do not have to pay any subscription fee in order to use any of the Roku features. So, the good news is that whether you purchase a Roku TV or a Roku player, you will not be paying any subscription charges. You can access many streaming platforms via Roku that do not require a subscription in addition to those including Netflix or Hulu, etc. that require a certain subscription fee. Therefore, both paid and free content is available to be viewed with the help of Roku devices. Some Roku player models even have a dedicated port to attach an external drive and play any of your favorite audio or video content.

How does Roku Work?

First thing’s first – all Roku devices require an internet connection to work. Once you have the device connected to the internet and have signed in through a free Roku account, you are all set to begin exploring the available content.

A main home screen menu appears on the left displaying various options including Netflix, YouTube, etc. Here you will see another option saying Channels that work just like apps on our mobile phones. In order to watch a certain channel, you can use the remote control to choose what you want. Then, simply press the OK button.

What about Adding New Channels to Roku?

One of the main reasons that make Roku stand out from the rest is its ability to add new channels. There are thousands of channels available on the Roku channels store. To add a new channel, all you have to do is to use your Roku remote and surf through the Streaming Channels menu. In fact, you can also make use of the Roku mobile app to search and add channels. Having accessibility to thousands of channels is one of the most striking features of Roku that makes it attractive for users.

Roku has also launched a feature known as Search Zones where you can refine your searches through various categories including Award Winners and Comedy for further convenience.

Wrapping Up

Roku has acquired widespread fame on a global level for all the right reasons. It has been one of the pioneers to make budget-friendly and simple media streaming devices a reality. You can choose among the wide range of available Roku devices with varying exciting features and price tags to find the right fit for you. You can add channels of your choice in addition to the various paid and free content and streaming services accessible through Roku.

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