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The Complete Process of Mobile App Localization in Turkish

One of the major goals of a mobile app developer/market is to increase the app’s exposure and visibility. By doing so, one is able to increase the app’s monthly active users and revenues. In order to maximize and increase the potential reach, you have to localize your app to serve different audiences in different regions with varying preferences. It can only be done through professional mobile app localization services.

Mobile app localization lets you go beyond borders to access the global market. You can increase your download and have a great edge over your competitors and boost sales. Distomo’s study shows that localizing mobile app resulted in 128% more downloads per country in addition to a 25% increase in revenue.

Mobile App Localization

Localization is the process of truly customizing your app for an intended target market with a different language and culture. The goal of localization to make the adaptation look like the content and user experience was actually created for the target market. There are more than 4 billion mobile users worldwide who use different languages and prefer apps that are in their native languages. If you want to tap into huge markets such as that of Turkey, you need to localize your app.

Localizing app in Turkish

Turkey’s economic growth is an attractive factor for many global businesses. If you want to launch your mobile app in Turkey, you need to localize the app in the Turkish language. The Turkish language has varying dialects and you can check your app’s analytics to see which part of Turkey gives you the most downloads. This way you can cater to them and increase the traction of your mobile app. When translating your content in Turkish, you have to ensure that you take care of the cultural nuances. These include symbols, currencies, characters, any cultural references, and colors, etc. All these will have to be localized according to Turkey.

Sometimes companies and businesses make a huge mistake of localizing their apps through in-house teams who may have the technical background but not necessarily the linguistic requirements. Speaking Turkish is not enough to actually translate content into Turkish.

Only professional Turkish linguists can do the job of translation and localization well because they have command of multiple languages and the experience of adapting content to the target market. When you hire professional Turkish translators to localize your mobile app, you are making a very sound investment. A professional Turkish translation company like Future Trans has a large team of Turkish app localization and translators with solid experience and market knowledge. They know how to adapt the design of your app according to the Turkish market and translate the content to fit the app while being appealing to the customers.

Future Trans offers Turkish translation services. It works by getting all the content in translated in Turkish in XML or XLIFF file format because it includes the strings in your application so that it can be translated into another language tomorrow if need be. The next step of localization is to adapt all elements of your app experience according to the Turkish market. These include date format, numbers, video, audio, text and images. Future Trans makes sure that we localize your app on Google Play and App Store both because this is where your app will be first viewed by your potential customers.

Once the content is done, Future Trans passes the application to its app developers for a smoke test to ensure that your app is technically working the way it should. The purpose of this test is to ensure that the app has been correctly internationalized and localized with affecting the technical performance. The next step is to Beta Test it by native Turkish speakers. After this step, your app is ready for release!

Localizing As You Go

Localizing application in one time is not enough. The process goes a long way. As your app grows, you will need more features and perhaps need to add more changes. This is again where hiring professional localization services in the first place can help you. By getting these changes done from the localization company that localized your app in the first place, you make sure that it is done swiftly without negatively affecting your localized versions.

Turkey is an excellent market to increase your app’s visibility and revenue. Approaching the market correctly is a different ball game! Hiring professional translation and localization services for your mobile app can accelerate your success without any regrets.

If you want to localize your app on time, with high-quality translation and 100% accuracy in content and on the technical front, partner with Future Trans. We offer professional Turkish translation services and have a large portfolio for you to see. Contact us today and we can give you a custom

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