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Top Multilingual Content Management Systems for Your Website

Deciding to take your business across borders is not enough. You have to make sure that your website communicates that in multiple languages In fact, enabling multiple languages is a great way to differentiate and overcome SWOT and PESTLE issues for your digital business plan. If you’re planning to translate your website in different languages, you must choose a multilingual content management system (CMS) that is right for your project. If you’re already using one then the detail in this blog will help you evaluate it and determine if it is really the best choice for you.

What to Consider before Choosing a Multilingual CMS

Taking your website global can be a daunting task. You need to decide a language and figure out all the options and requirements in order to appropriately target your market. To determine the best multilingual CMS for your business, evaluate it against your business needs: do you need time-zone-aware scheduling and friendly forms? Do you need your data to be safely stored after translation? You also need to consider issues relating to protection and visibility of your trademark so as to prevent other businesses from unknowingly infringing upon your logo or design. Some websites need scalable updates and internationalization. Picking a CMS that aligns with these needs will be suitable.

Secondly, you should have the option to start the translation process in either scheduled batches or on-demand. Content should not go live without ensuring its accuracy first. This is where in-CMS testing and staging sites come in. You can first verify the test results before translation.

Thirdly, a good CMS tool will ensure your effort in creating your brand is not wasted by poor translations. Multilingual CMS helps you maintain a unified brand image across your entire content in all languages. The rights website CMS will edit, display and modify any language with accuracy while supporting the characters from all languages. It also improves collaboration in team members with scalable edits for teams of all sizes.

Fourthly, you must pick a CMS that will save you time and manual efforts that goes in localization. It should be built in a way that lets your document translation Dubai partner easily extract and add web content through API integration without going through the copy-and-paste or export-import methods.

Here are the best and top 7 CMS platforms that you can evaluate for your project.


It powers more than 32% of the web because it is mobile-friendly, responsive and has built-in optimization. You can easily translate your content into as many languages as your want using its multilingual plugin such as WPML. It can be installed without coding and helps you initiate, receive and manage translations within WordPress.


Drupal is great for managing large-scale multilingual sites. It has great standard features reliable performance, security and content creating. It is also flexible with a number of tools that can help you build a dynamic website with structured content. It has a translation management tool known as TMGMT with lets the users streamline their translation workflows. It is cost effective and very efficient.

Craft CMS

Pixel & Tonic’s Craft CMS is perfect for development-oriented publishers who want control and powerful performance. Craft CMS is famous for flexibility, user-friendly interface and its scalability. It is ideal for making custom digital experiences on the web. Using Translation Plugin for Craft, you can skip the copy-and-paste routine, launch and manage the multilingual site more efficiently.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

It is not an open-source by AEM is famous among big brands. The platform simplifies the process of managing website’s content/assets and reduces the number of complications of delivering virtual experience to your customers.


Magento is built for Multilanguage e-commerce platforms allowing you to manage several shops and language versions of your website. It has very helpful tools and most companies with international target audience prefer Magento as their choice of CMS.


It is an open source CMS solution which can be used as a standard CMS and as a framework for web applications. It has a number of multilingual tools along with WYSIWYG editors along with a number of add-ons for functionality and flexible design.


It has over 25 million installations worldwide and is the second largest agency in CMS market. It has amazing multilingual capabilities and can be used for large scale multilingual websites. You can also customize your own extensions along with custom templates. It is very user friendly and supports translations integration naturally.

If you’re planning to pick a CMS for your website, it is a good idea to consult a professional translation agency. Torjoman is one of the leading translation agencies with a large customer base and portfolio full of successful translation projects. We can guide you into picking the most appropriate website CMS for your project after a deep analysis of your project. Contact us today!

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