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The Importance of Translation of Your Chemical Documents

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In 2006, implementing began in 2007, the European Union introduced the REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals) in efforts to mend the manufacturing and usage of chemical products and their impending consequences on human and environmental well-being. Under the REACH regulation, it is required by companies to register substances they are working with, however, this often requires them to work with other companies as they may also be trying to register similar products.

REACH implemented the use of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) or Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) to be used by chemical companies to log proper procedures on the handling of potential safety hazards at the workplace. While the formatting of older MSD sheets was based on the individual use of the company, the recent requirements have been internationally standardised.


It estimated that the worldwide chemical sales surpass an average of €3.5 billion per annum. With more companies shifting a focus towards a global expansion having an international standardised format allows for companies to tap into markets that previously were simply not obtainable. However, setting foot into a foreign market can come with a list of challenges, especially in a sector as complex as the chemical industry. Especially when you have strict regulations like REACH that affects many companies without them even realising by making them responsible for handling chemicals on every scale.

Whether you are a manufacturer, an importer, a downstream user, or even a company established outside the EU, you may have some sort of regulatory obligations. That’s why it’s vital when choosing a medical translation services company for your chemical products that they not only convert with accuracy but truly help you carve a niche with the target audience. Because, something as simple as the word medicine might not be recognised at all when you take a peek at neighboring countries such as Ireland, where the words translate to leigheas.

It’s All In The Details

When choosing a translation team you want to ensure they comprise of chemical industry experts as that is equally as crucial as their understanding of the foreign language. A professional and accurate translation can ensure that your company avoids the making of any harmful errors in the future. Dealing with an industry with such strict regulations the translation company chosen by you should be able to meet the following criteria:

● Subject-Matter Experts
o To ensure maximum accuracy, translators need to be familiar with the products being handled and being discussed. You would not call a plumber for an electrician’s job. In the same manner, you would not want a legal translator handling your chemical documents.

● Making Sense of the Jargon
o Your team should be honed in on a uniform process for the translation of the content and terminology. We all know that two plus two equals four, however, that’s not always the case when one doesn’t know the definition of two.

● Use Your Memory
o Companies often reuse material all the time, therefore, translation companies should be able to reuse terms from the previous translations.

● Tech-Savvy
o A company is only as good as it’s an advancement in technology. Whether it’s complying with clients in different time zones or reviewing material via email, technology is the biggest asset at hand for a global initiative.

● Tone and Demeanor
o Each language carries various characteristics and nuances. To ensure that you do not offend your target audience it is absolutely necessary that the documents at hand are translated in the proper manner.

The Material Itself

Along with the guarantee of the complying with the basic fundamentals when dealing with a specific sector, you want to ensure that your translation company is capable of translating the proper documents. Following is the list of some documents specifically related to chemical translations:
● Patents
● Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
● Toxicology Reports
● Labels and Packaging
● Equipment manuals
● Deviation Reports
● Hazard documentation and Warning Signs
● Product Specifications
● Training Manuals
● Catalogs
● Legal Contracts
● Marketing Materials
● Website Localization

The Procedure

Once you finalise your translation agency they exert themselves into producing a work of excellence. The first step involves a primary analysis of getting a better understanding of the material, this may involve the understanding of the style and technicality of the language. It is then transferred to our sector-specific translation team. From there one of field expert translators start working on the document to preserve the accuracy of the original material. For the next proceedings a lead project supervisor reviews the final draft, and once approved by them and our job partner, it is then sent out for distribution in the proper format.

Stressing the Importance

Given the complexity involving chemical translations, it is imperative that you choose a company that caters to your individual needs. At TW Languages we propose a one-stop-shop for all your chemical translation needs. We make it our mission to hire native translators that are equipped with the knowledge of the native culture making the localisation of your company that much easier. We are constantly setting new standards for our new hire translators by setting minimum requirement guidelines, such as, carrying a degree in the study of linguistics and having a five-plus year experience in professional translating, we ensure we congregate a world-class team.

We never fear down from a challenge, therefore no matter the size of your entity we handle it with the same level of professionalism across the board. At TW Languages we have certain unique benefits that other translation companies cannot offer, such as:

● We are ISO 17100 certified
● Our company is a member of ATC (Association of Translation Companies)
● And with our broad team spectrum, we can cover over 250 languages

More so we have been in the business for nearly three decades and our constant drive for new innovations sets us ahead of any of our competition. To see how we can assist you on your every chemical translation need to contact a sales representative now.

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