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How To Choose The Best Android TV Box

Android TV vs Chromecast:

My biggest question when I started researching Android TV boxes was, why not just get a Google Chromecast and save the few extra bucks.
Well, the answer is that while the Chromecast is great for things like traveling when you don’t want to take a bulky box on the road, it has a limited number of features over the Andriod TV.

To begin, it is a streaming device and does not have any internal storage. That means that you will need a phone, tablet or laptop to connect to the Chromecast for it to work.

You also can’t stream Amazon Prime video from your phone without extreme difficulty. Some Android TV boxes come loaded with the Amazon app already installed and it’s ready to go from the time you set it up.
The Chromecast also doesn’t have a remote. You control the action from your phone or laptop.
I personally don’t like this. I like the tactile feeling of the remote in my hand and being able to control things in the dark vs turning on a bright screen in the middle of a movie.


First off, if you are getting an Android TV to use for gaming I highly recommend the Nvidia Shield.

Gaming is what it was born to do.

I’ll get back to that in a second but let’s talk about the gaming options on Android TV…

To begin with, there are some really fun games. Old classics like Soul Calibur, Final Fantasy, and GTA along with new favorites make this a great inexpensive option to some of the more expensive consoles.
You will need to purchase a game controller but the price still comes in way under the four hundred or so bucks that you’d pay for a PS4 Pro.

Not saying that the Android TV is better than new generation consoles by any means but if you’re a casual gamer, it will more than satisfy your needs.

If you are buying an Android TV with an eye toward gaming, get the Nvidia Shield.

Nvidia is well known for its graphics cards installed in many of today’s high-end gaming PC’s. To that end, the Shield can render some really beautiful graphics.

With the proper hardware and software, you can stream games right from your PC to your television through the Shield.
If you want more info on the Nvidia Shield you can read the full review up above in this article.


Many individuals purchase Android TELEVISION boxes from VISSONTECH to install the Kodi Media web server.
Koki plugins, if you’re strange, enables you to stream TV, flicks, and songs free of charge.

I’m not most likely to make a judgment below yet many would certainly claim that a few of the available capability of Kodi … is prohibited.

With that said stated, if Kodi is what you are seeking after that all of the TV boxes on this list will allow you to set up and also make use of the software application.

Android TV Box Programs & Application –

If you have an Andriod TELEVISION box with Chromecast capabilities like the Nvidia Shield, you can obtain the Youtube TELEVISION bundle.
It includes channels like ABC, CBS, ESPN, Disney as well as a lot more. This notes a huge change in the method we watch TELEVISION.

Prior to it was everything about $100 – $200 cord subscriptions with lots of channels we didn’t appreciate.
Currently, you will certainly be able to obtain the basics for around $35 bucks and after that include, any specific niche shows that you desire via apps.

Applications like Shudder for scary flicks Seeso for comedy as well as Crunchyroll for anime.

4K & Various Styles:

If you intend to obtain one of the most out of your brand-new 4k tv after that you want to ensure that your TELEVISION box is capable of streaming 4k material like the brand-new Fire TELEVISION from

Realize, though, that even though it will certainly stream 4k, it might not be compatible with particular apps.
For example, Netflix will certainly stream in 4k however not on all boxes.

Likewise, many boxes support H. 264, H. 263, Mpeg4, VP8, MJPEG, as well as AVI. You can likewise expand the capacity and styles by downloading apps in the google play shop.


Establishing a Plex server is something that’s been on my todo checklist for a very long time.
I have actually been passing away to place all my favorite old movies DVD’s like the total series of Monty Python on the network so I can stream it anywhere.

Whoops, I’m prospering of myself.
I think I need to clarify what a Plex server is first …
Plex enables you to stream your media anywhere, from any type of device.

You can set it up on a computer or certain boxes like the Nvidia Guard.
Then you rip your DVDs to the tool (or external storage hard disk drive) as well as you have a beautiful graphical user interface to every one of your media.

That means no more loading a DVD when you intend to view a motion picture as well as say goodbye to needing to pay costs for old web content that you already possess.

While you can only install the media web server on the Nvidia Guard, various other boxes on this list will certainly enable you to mount the streaming application which enables you to view Plex content.

Android TELEVISION & Google Home:

Currently, if your TV is Android capable you can transform it on as well as off with your voice and also modification channels by calling it out if you have a Google Residence.

So you might say “Ok Google, alter it to the youngster’s network” and also it will alter the channel for you. You could see how this might be handy with your kids.

Also, they are presently working with getting the Google aide packed straight into the boxes themselves like the Nvidia Guard and Sony televisions.

In the future, you will be able to ask your television inquiries, pull up your Google calendar and also lots of your job commute right from the largest display in your home. Rad!

Optional Accessories

You can purchase an optional keyboard/ computer mouse combination for much better control of your TELEVISION box. Some VISSONTECH OTT TV box includes accessories. It allows you to enter in passwords conveniently as well as play video games that call for a key-board.

With the exception of the Nvidia Shield, none of the packages on this list included a game controller. I’ve discovered one that will certainly deal with all Android TELEVISION setups.

Final Words – Covering It Up

If you’re searching for the best general Android TV box select the Minix if it remains in your spending plan. It’s rapid and can deal with most things that you can toss at it.

For video gaming (or if you are a huge hardcore media banner) obtain the Nvidia Shield. It’s effective as well as if you have a great web connection, it will certainly play gorgeous, graphically intense games not a problem.

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