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10 best QR Code Generator review in 2019

The QR codes first surfaced in Japan in the mid-nineties. A QR code generator is an SEO tool that helps to create QR codes. The QR code is short for “Quick Response Code”. It is basically a two-dimensional barcode that is used by different businesses for advertisement purposes. Owing to their recent popularity, you will come across countless free QR code generators online. Let’s compare and read our QR code generator review.

How to pick the Best Free QR Code Generator that is right for you in 2019?

When using an online QR code generator remember to make sure that the QR code that is generated is compatible with all common QR code readers. We kept that in mind and created a list of the top ten QR code generators that are available online and are compatible with all Windows and Mac users.

Also having an understanding of the QR code dynamics is very significant. For example, the static QR code cannot change the content behind the QR code whereas, the dynamic QR code can.

QR code generator review 2019

  1. QRzebra

QRzebra is amongst the top QR code generators that are available online at free of cost. Tracking data and making dynamic mass QR codes for professional uses is very simple with this generator. What’s more, it also allows saving a template for later use. So if you are looking for a unique QR code, be it a URL QR code, Facebook QR code, YouTube QR code or a V-card QR code, the QRzebra is one of the top code generators you will come across. It does not require any signups and provides its users with both, a smooth interface and layout. Definitely the best QR code generator in our QR code generator review.


  1. ForQRcode

Another QR code generator we review is ForQRcode: another simple to use QR Code Generator that is available online for free. It allows its users to create codes in several different formats such as SVG, PNG, and EPS to name a few. It is also compatible with SMS, Email, Text, and WI-FI.

It has a responsive design and a smooth layout and an interface. although it does not allow its users to register or login for downloading QR codes with data input, it is worth a try.

  1. QRStuff

QRStuff code generator is not your run of the mill generator. It is that and more. Not only does it provide its users with QR codes but it is an online creator as well that produces permanent and totally ad-free QR codes that do not expire.

You can use this code generator to create QR codes with logos. These logos can then be put on shirts or printed wherever you want to. With QRStuff you can generate static QR codes for free whereas the dynamic QR codes are charged. It is also compatible with Smartphone apps such as Google Maps location and Vcard contacts information. Still, we give them a good review.


  1. QRCode generator

Creating QR Codes from a different QR Code type is a simple and quick procedure. What’s more, be it the conversion of an image and or any other sort of information to a QR Code, no other tool does it as smoothly as the QR code generator. But keep in mind that the QRcode generator is free for only static QR codes; the dynamic QR codes are to be paid for. Still a very decent QR code generator in our QR code generator review.


  1. Mobile Barcodes

Mobile barcodes are also used for creating the QR codes as per your requirements. Barcode generator is different than all the other code generators in the sense that it creates funky QR codes and shares them with cell phone users. Sounds funny? Soon after the creation of your unique QR code, the mobile phone’s software is used for storing the data in the respective code. Although not as creative, it’s not bad at all. A very good point in our QR code generator review.


  1. The QR Code Generator

Yet another online QR code generator that is absolutely free of cost. It generates black white QR Codes and also allows free tracking, free SMS, v-Cards and static codes to name a few. The only drawback is that the content of the respective QR code cannot be changed soon after it’s generated.


With the QR Code generator, you can directly scan the QR codes with your browsers in the presence of a webcam on your computer. A link can also be sent from your phone to your chrome or Firefox browser with Skype, WhatsApp or some other messaging app.


  1. Visualead

Visualead is a different kind of a tool generator. It is not as popular as it once used to be but its artistic QR Code technology is still worth a check. Further, it is the best there is in both computer eyesight and computational math. There is no restriction on its usage as it is protected by patent applications in almost all countries. Although worth to mention in our QR code generator review


  1. Tec-it


This is an amazing QR-code generator available free of cost online. It generates QR-codes in the PNG format that can be used for web pages, tweets, emails, SMS, phone calls and V cards to name a few.


  1. GoQR Code Generator

The process of generating QR codes and that too for free was never as simple as it is now with the GoQR Code Generator. It provides the user with not only a good layout but also a perfect interface in addition to allowing the user to read smses and V cards.


  1. UQR Code Generator

Last but not least is the UQR code generator. It not only lets the user keep track of the conversion rate of their QR code campaigns but also lets them create unlimited QR codes. It is easy to use and saves time by compiling and bringing together all the QR codes together in one place so that they can be compared and improved on.

Conclusion or our QR code generator review

The aforementioned QR generators are some of the top QR code generators for the year 2019. They all have their share of pros and cons. It depends entirely on what the user is looking for. Having said that, QRzebra as QR code generator with logo stands out amongst its competitors with QRstuff being its strongest competitor in our QR code generator review.

2019 is sure to bring forward more uses of the QR codes and hence more QR code generators. Only time will tell which QR code generator will be at the top in 2019!

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