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Things to Note Before Picking a WordPress Theme

Choosing a theme for your website or blog on WordPress may seem an easy enough task at first thought, but when it is time to make the decision, it proves a lot daunting than initial impressions may have let on. WordPress has thousands and thousands of themes, and the wealth of options can make settling on a theme rather difficult. This article plans to make the theme-selecting process much easier with a few things of note.WordPress Theme

  1. Each theme has a category in mind: With such a variety of themes available, you should note that each theme has particular use in mind. Some themes are more text-oriented than others, best for blogs or websites aimed at the commentary of any kind and lighter on images. Websites inclined towards visuals and displaying products or photographs need to have themes synergistic with the content.
  2. Figure out what features you’ll need: The reason you’re using WordPress is most likely very different from the next person, and certain features are integral to your vision for your website. The theme you select should have these features built in to make the process easier, but even if doesn’t, there are just as many WordPress plugins to add custom functionality to your page, such as payment gateways, forums, tables, photo galleries. Make sure your theme supports the plugins you’ll be needing.
  3. It’s got to be snappy: Themes on WordPress are coded by regular people, and some go for free while others have to be paid for. You can typically expect the free themes to have functional but sometimes less efficient coding, and as a result, your page not be as responsive as you want it to be. If you’ve got experience with coding, you may be able to clean up any sloppy code and make it run smoother, but sometimes it’s not worth the trouble and it’s better to just find a responsive theme. IT’s no good if your users keep getting frustrated.
  4. Sometimes premium is worth it: For smaller scale websites and blogs, it may not be affordable to purchase a premium theme, and that’s alright. However, for larger brands, a premium theme may save you a lot of trouble down the line. Almost all premium WordPress Website Design teams will have their support team help you if you run into any issues, there is official documentation to give you all information you need to set up the theme, the quality is great and it’s easy to find themes tailored to your specific use, and they tend to be well-coded and fast.
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