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Clear Your Confusion Over Choosing Cinnamon Or Mate

Linux is deemed to be one of the most powerful packages of the operating systems which have been ruling different facets of infrastructures that prevail today. It was established in 1991 and has become strong enough to base different technologies in networking to date. However, there have been various features and distributions of Linux over the years, and users choose them to fit their purpose. One of the famous Linux distributions which have stood the test of times is Linux Mint. This is based on Ubuntu and seems to have been the most used and exclusive Linux distribution over the years. It is a GNU modeled distribution that is modern and sleek offering a comfortable and user-friendly environment for its consumers.

Choosing Cinnamon Or Mate

Digging deep into the Linux Mint distribution which has been used extensively, we get to the features of this Linux distribution. People who prefer Linux Mint are thrust with the option of choosing which desktop environment they must be using to score their requirements.

 All Linux users have always had this dilemma which they resolve by analyzing every aspect of all the available Desktop environments. Linux Mint hosts 3 different desktop environments, Linux Mint Cinnamon, Linux Mint Mate, and Linux Mint Xfce. Cinnamon and Mate are supposedly the most demanded desktop environments as users toy between these options before settling for one.

Desktop Environment:

A desktop environment is an interface that comprises different applications and functions to be used by the user. Users are the consumers of the operating system and they connect to the system via desktop environments. It lists lots of utilities that are accessed by the users to execute their tasks. Every Desktop environment boasts of different designs, working systems, files, applications, wallpapers, and icons. Even the file explorers and menus will change according to the choice of one’s desktop environment.

Cinnamon and Mate are the two desktop environments that are in deliberation most of the time. So coming back to the choice between the two, let us dive into the various factors that go into deciding the correct environment.

Analyzing their origin:

Even before Cinnamon and Mate came into existence, Linux Mint hosted a powerful Desktop environment called Gnome. It was also extensively used long before their improvisations started picking up. The Gnome had some gaps in its user-friendliness that it got updated to Gnome2 which served a better usage. Mate is based on the Gnome2 environment and it emulates most of its features. The update to Gnome2 was Gnome3 which received criticisms due to some of its functionalities. Cinnamon is an emulation of Gnome3 and works to better the weakness of Gnome3. Comparing these 2 environments, let us draw conclusions as to what could serve better.

Comparison of features:

The display features for both environments are similar from an external standpoint. However, if we navigate the menus and folders, we will find the difference as Cinnamon poses to be modern and best-suited for current times, whereas Mate still looks traditional. In the Cinnamon environment, there are few tabs that display the utilities, and Mate has a list of tabs and subtabs requiring deeper navigations. Mate is a traditional environment that works its best when it comes to processing speed, while Cinnamon is like any other current environment that is used excessively these days.

Differences of compatible inner features:


Cinnamon Mate
Terminal Emulator is Gnome. Terminal Emulator is Mate
Hosts Nemo file manager. Light-weighted and easier accessibility Hosts CAJA file manager. Boasts of lots of facilities and heavier
Xed text editor Xed text editor
Image Viewer with access Xviewer Image Viewer with access to Xviewer
Rhythmbox availability in Media Player Rhythmbox availability in Media Player


Since both the environments come with similar features and facilities, it boils down to the question of what suits your purpose better. Mate is designed and it would serve better in a work environment, while Cinnamon can be used contemporarily for various reasons. As Cinnamon offers a variety of designs and themes, it could bring a better appearance to the look and feel of your projects like presentations and demonstrations. Mate can be used for administration purposes or as development environments to build software and applications. Since we have come a full circle of explaining both the varieties and their usage, now you will have a better understanding of what you want between the two.

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