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Best Text Editors For Your Writing Jobs

People who have long been engaged in writing jobs, whatever it is – creating novels, lyrics or articles for periodicals, will agree: when it comes to creativity, the ability to fully concentrate on the process itself is crucial.

Best Text Editors For Your Writing Jobs

Concentrating on large amounts of text in the era of Internet surfing and general attention deficit is not so easy, especially if you work not with a pen and paper, but with a mouse and a computer keyboard. Fortunately, technology can not only distract, but also help us in our work. Therefore, when it is necessary to block all distractions and focus, you should contact those text editors which are ideally suited for this role. The Vip-Writers team prepared a text editor review for you, selecting several best text editors that could make life easier for professional writers and those involved in essay writing jobs, taking you from chaos to order.

There are several excellent writing tools that overlap the windows of all other programs and give you the opportunity to focus exclusively on the thoughts that sound in your head. These simple and even ascetic applications for creating and editing texts help to form the very working vacuum that contributes to your writing.

Most of them offer only some document formatting functions, and this is enough in the first stage of work. The idea is to just give you a place to express your thoughts. You simply embody your thought in digital form on the monitor display.


Perhaps it is one of the best text editors for Windows. This program is overly simplified, it gives only the basic editing functions, but at the same time it contains a decent amount of customizable tools that can be found in the context menu, called by the right mouse click. Here you can quickly customize the color scheme of the text and background in any convenient combinations that inspire creativity.


The main bane of the writing is many opportunities to lose focus. The FocusWriter editor focuses on productivity. For this reason, the application was made on the principle of “nothing extra”, trying to hide from the user almost everything that could be hidden. However, there are enough personalization settings; to find them, just move the mouse to the top edge of the screen. Here you can customize the font, and background images, and text color. A nice addition is the timer. It can be used in interval mode (to remind you to take a break), and as an alarm clock.


Is another good text editor, but only for Mac-machines. The editor is characterized by simplicity of settings however, you will agree in some cases simplicity is good.


Ulysses pleases not only with the functionality, but also with the aesthetic side: there is not a single distracting detail here. The program helps to sort texts using smart filters, as well as create your own, allowing you to select articles based on search criteria. Another nice detail is the variability of the styles of displaying documents (they are beautiful, there are several of them – and you can also fill it up with your own). Separate delight is caused by navigation: paragraphs are numbered, and in the right part of the window you can see text statistics and the structure of the current document. Documents from Ulysses can be exported to popular formats (PDF, RTF, EPUB and HTML). The application has a version for the iPad.


Is another wonderful option of the ascetic text editor. This application has several important characteristics that are truly indispensable in the creative process. The most pleasant thing is that an audio player is built into the program, which reproduces meditative music or white noise that immerses you into creativity. Here are the usual editing functions – bold, italic, increase or decrease the text, in general, gentlemanly set.


Scrivener text editor focuses on people who professionally work with text: writers, copywriters, poets, and authors of specialized literature. In order to master the interface, it will take some time: the developers have provided, it seems, all the nuances that need to be taken into account when creating a book. The functionality here clearly prevails over aesthetics.


In the TypWrittr online text editor you need to create an account, which means that all written text will be saved in any case. The service looks variegated: there are several themes, background images and sounds typical for typewriters. You can customize each interface element, starting with the font and ending with the color of the substrate. For those who care about the visual component, this will be a plus, but someone would exchange all this for the opportunity to print without delay. If you type quickly, working with the editor will be a pain.


Named after a famous writer, Hemingway’s editor shows how easy to reade text. If a sentence is too large, such as this, it will be highlighted in yellow, then in red, if we make it heavier with words. Speech parts counting works only in English. But the main feature of Hemingway – the coefficient of readability of the text – works also in other languages.

The online text editor is free, but there are paid OS X and Windows versions. They have the same features, but in many cases, it is more convenient to use the offline version.

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