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5 Applications of Big Data in Software Development Projects

Software development has never been more complex as it is today. The technology landscape is evolving quite rapidly with the software developing process becoming more sophisticated. As software development becomes more complex with the emergence of new technologies and systems, almost every custom software development company is investing more in data. In today’s corporate market, business intelligence, data analytics and machine learning have become increasingly important in helping understand the dynamics of running a business effectively.

Big Data in Software Development Projects

Connection between big data and software development

Big data can best be described as large volumes of both unstructured and structured data that require specialized systems for processing and analysis. Since the 1990s, businesses have been generating large amounts of data to inform their processes. However, as technology advanced, the data types and structures became more complex. The rapid evolution of the internet and the discovery of new technologies led to the evolution of customer preferences and behaviors.

Consequently, there was a need for better processes for analyzing customer data for improved business operations. The emergence of machine learning, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence have brought new ways of analyzing and utilizing big data to improve business operations. Today, these technologies are used to develop software products with more powerful functions and features.

Improving software development with big data

Processing big data involves identifying patterns and trends in customer data. Today, big data is used to create customized software capable of integrating all data from customers and generating insights. We see more data analytics being incorporated into offshore software development tasks. Big data is affecting all elements of software development but in a good way.

Here are some ways big data is being used in software development projects

1. Moving towards automation

Automation of business processes is essential for responding to customer needs urgently and redirection of energy and resources to other sectors for improved productivity. Additionally, it helps eliminate biased decisions and minimizes errors in operations.

However, automation is only possible with proper systems capable of analyzing complex data of different types and forms. The software products need to be extensible enough to accommodate and process data from different sources, identify patterns and relationships and produce accurate and targeted automated responses. Taking a big data approach in your custom software development is critical in addressing your current and future automation needs.

2. Improving responsiveness to customers

Because of growing business operations, it becomes necessary for organizations to analyze and act on large chunks of data instantly for a quick and accurate response. Using distributed systems in the data processing infrastructure can reduce the immediate load for businesses as they can analyze bits of data efficiently in a structured order and act accordingly. It helps improve the quality of responses given to customers, as organizations can make informed decisions in a short span of time.

Data from customers come from multiple sources – social media, internet, personal interactions, etc. With a single person producing massive data within short spans, your team can’t offer personalized attention to all your clients. However, combining big data and software development makes it easier to provide personalized attention to clients. You can run multiple queries simultaneously to access accurate and readily-available information to respond to customer queries. In today’s fast-paced world, the speed and accuracy of response to clients are crucial for winning their loyalty and staying ahead of the competition.

3. Artificial intelligence

Transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence are yet to be fully explored. The minimal exploration and implementation achieved thus far has proven that there exist limitless possibilities with full integration of the technology in business operations. For instance, chatbots for websites and applications are a good case-in-point. They provide automated, accurate and personalized responses to clients.

Artificial intelligence relies on both data analytics and software development. Therefore, big data in software development sets the stage for your business to incorporate such transformative technologies. Use of big data in software development cements the foundation for AI-enabled systems and integration of other adaptive and transformative technologies.

4. Setting the stage for a mobile-first strategy

As indicated earlier, customer behaviors and preferences have changed and continue to change at a rapid rate. Unlike a decade or two ago, today, people access the internet via multiple devices and channels. But more interesting is the increased preference and use of mobile devices as opposed to desktops, laptops and other large devices. This necessitates having a mobile-first strategy in your software development.

Incorporating big data into your software development process allows your business or brand to handle data input from across multiple types of devices. The data can be analyzed and information relayed in suitable formats, depending on a user’s device.

5. Staying ahead of the competition

While big data is not a new concept, it is yet to be widely adopted by most companies. Big data in software development presents an opportunity for businesses to stay ahead of the competition by establishing powerful and more effective applications and software products that keep businesses and brands ahead of their competition. You need to demonstrate the ability to handle large volumes of data at high velocity if you are to survive in the overly competitive business landscape and a market characterized by digitally savvy customers.

The distinction between software development and data analytics is increasingly becoming blurry as the two concepts get intertwined. The interaction between the two is giving rise to a significant transformation in the way software products are being developed and, most importantly, how businesses are operating.


With the importance of big data in the DNA of your business in mind, you need to kick start the process of adjusting your strategies to accommodate big data in developing your software products. One useful approach to go by, especially for non-tech companies, is software technology consulting. This will help you analyze your processes and identify ways of delivering meaningful and memorable customer experiences to your customers.

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