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World Environment Day

World Environment Day

“Outdoor fitness, green travel”. Nowadays more and more people choose a low-carbon lifestyle and actively participate in environmental protection activities. The ecological environment and livability of some cities has been improved. The beautiful urban parks and ecological landscapes have gradually become a good place for relaxing.

June 5th is the World Environment Day, and China is the host country of World Environment Day 2019. On June 2nd, the event of  practice results with the theme of “Beautiful China, I am an actor” was held in Beijing. For the first time, the event invited 10 “invited observers” to participate in the World Environment Day event in 2019.

Liu Youbin, Director of the Department of Education and Environment of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said that in 2019, it’s the first time to invite observers to participate in the Environmental Day, which is  to thank the various parties for their support for environmental protection work, and hope to listen to opinions from all walks of life. Among them are media representatives, representatives of social organizations, community representatives, environmental workers, etc. Among the 10 “specially invited observers”, Song Ganzhen, president of the Beijing News Agency, was elected as a media representative.

World Environment Day

On June 2nd, on the lawn of the China Children’s Center, a “chalet” built on the side of the tree was popular with children. They climb frames, bunkers, swings, secret huts. Every design of the “cabin” is childlike. Walking into the “chalet”, the interior wall is a large “natural note” graffiti with bright colors.

“Chalet” is an ecological environment education base jointly established by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the China Children’s Center. The idea of “Nature Notes” comes from the National Youth Nature Notes Competition held earlier this year. Children from all over the country recorded the observations of natural things and phenomena in hand-painted form, and handwritten their own observation experience.

World Environment Day

The guests attending the event came to the outdoor lawn, watched the children draw natural notes, and visited the cabin ecological environment education base. This year’s commemoration event hired 10 “interested observers” for the first time to participate in World Environment Day’s home event, and hired Tan Weiwei to lead the “Sixth Five-Year” World Environment Day theme song.

Representative Speech

For the first time, the event invited 10 “invited observers” to participate in the World Environment Day event in 2019. 10 invited observers were former spokesman of Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Du Shaozhong;Ma Jun, head of the Public Environmental Research Center;Qi Yingbo, Associate Dean, Institute of Media and Public Affairs, Communication University of China;Song Ganwei, president of the Beijing News Agency;People’s Daily Overseas Edition “Xiake Island” special commentator Lu Qiong;Wang Ruihe, Secretary General of Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation;Sina Weibo Senior Vice President Cao Zenghui;Vice President of Beijing Yuying School, An Weifen;The head of Beijing Fuqun Social Service Center Yu Xianrong;Wang Jin, resident representative of Xicheng District, Beijing.

As a media representative of the invited observers, Song Ganxi, president of the Beijing News Agency, said that he will continue to play the professionalism and influence of the institutional media through professional expression and in-depth investigation, which will record the hard work and struggle of environmentalists and reflect the national environmental protection cause. At the same time, through public reports, more people are called upon to actively participate in environmental protection actions.

Song Ganxi said: “The environment is about everyone’s personal experience. The improvement of the environment requires everyone to participate. Last year, we increased the coverage of environmental protection in the field of people’s livelihood. The report not only covers the achievements and details of major policy introductions, environmental rectification, but also in-depth investigations from the central environmental inspection team. This year, we also launched a special eco-environmental special issue, which is not only a continuous focus on environmental reporting, but more importantly to appeal to the public to promote ecological improvement.

As an NGO representative, Ma Jun, the head of the Public Environmental Research Center, said: “As an environmental social organization, we are under great pressure at the beginning of our establishment. At that time, the contradiction between environmental protection and development was more prominent, and the trust of all parties was insufficient. This situation has changed significantly in the past few years. He said that the current environmental data collected by the “Azure Map” has grown geometrically, which actually reflects the historical progress of China’s environmental information disclosure, and has inspired many parties to participate on the basis of big data.

Environmental Cases

OnApril 20, 2019, people cycled through the trails in Hagley Park, Christchurch, New Zealand. Built in 1855, Hagley Park covers an area of about 165 hectares and is the largest urban park and public green space in New Zealand’s second largest city. At the beginning of the establishment, Hagley Park was defined as “free for the public free of charge” Today, this park has become a green business card for Christchurch.

World Environment Day

On June 2, 2019, in Seoul, South Korea, a girl was playing in Cheonggyecheon. Cheonggyecheon was once heavily polluted and once became a “smelly ditch”, which was later covered and built into a viaduct. Seoul City started the Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project in July 2002. After more than three years of construction, Cheonggyecheon reappeared. It is said that the reborn Cheonggyecheon can also regulate the temperature in Seoul and is a veritable natural ecological river.

World Environment Day

Trash cans under the apartment building in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, June 4, 2019. The sign indicates the recycling time of all types of garbage. Japan has very detailed and strict regulations on the classification and treatment of domestic garbage.

All kinds of garbage should be carefully classified according to the requirements of the local area, and placed in the designated place at the specified time, so that relevant departments can recycle it in time.

World Environment Day

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